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5 Great Reasons To Smile Today

It is not always easy to raise a smile. So many of us are busy trying to please others and to juggle the various demands on our time. It is really sad that in modern society a smile can be such an effort especially if we are struggling with our mental wellbeing. However, smiles have super powers that I would like to share with you. I have great reasons to smile today so make sure you do too and see what happens.

Smile and the world smiles with you

Try giving a smile to someone and you will be amazed how many times you get one right back. There may be a confused look or a bit of hesitancy but you will usually get one. Even better, that person will feel empowered to smile at the next person they meet. Smiling is infectious and it is an infection the world needs right now.

Smile because you are alive

I always think we all get a little wisdom when we hear someone has passed away. It makes us realise that life is short and we should make the most of it. Everyone has ups and downs and sometimes pretty extreme ones. Plenty of people come through adversity and loss and live to smile again. If you are alive, your mission on this planet is not over which means loads of positives may be just around the corner for you. So smile in anticipation!

Smiling helps you make friends

There are so many lonely people in the world. I always think this is ironic. If there are two lonely people, there is a potential friendship right there. A smile is a good way of making a first step towards getting to know someone for the first time or a little better. You can be shy or you can try an approach and remember you might be the very friend that person needs.

Smiling helps in important meetings

If you are in business and have meetings, smiling as you enter the room makes you appear approachable and friendly. Apparently potential employers decide whether they like candidates or not in a few seconds so arm yourself with a smile in your next job interview. In fact consider some dental treatment before any major meeting.

Smile at yourself

Smile at the mistakes you have made and see them as funny rather than terrible. Most errors end up as humourous memories if we give it a little time. Give yourself a warm smile in the mirror and back that action up with a postive affirmation about yourself. This can make a powerful difference to your day.

Do you have any great reasons to smile today?



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  • Tracey Carr

    I have to admit that everyday I look at my daughters and they are what makes me smile. To me they are a constant reminder of what is really true and beautiful in this world. And that is what keeps me centred whenever I feel like I am trailing off my path. So I can thank them for making me happy everyday! #bloggerclubuk

  • mightymamabear2017

    I think making the effort to smile can actually help put me in a better mood. Hard to remember that first thing in a morning though! #globalblogging

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