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4 Top Healthy Ways To Manage your stress

Living your life constantly worrying, stressed out and rushing from place to place all the time will soon take a toll on your health and wellbeing. What’s the solution, however, when our lives feel like one long to-do list? The trick is to focus on is implementing useful strategies that will help you better manage your stress.


By constantly worrying and taking on more than you can handle at once, you will not only feel tired, but you will also feel frustrated at the end of a long day. While it’s good to be busy, you also need to make sure you take care of yourself and attend to your needs. If you allow your stress to get out of control, you may regret it later when you’re not able to function to the best of your ability.


Increase Your Level of Physical Activity


Getting more daily exercise is an excellent way to reduce your stress and lift your mood. Choose to go for a walk or a short workout, and soon enough your mind will stop racing, and you’ll be able to think clearly. Working out more will not only help you stay in shape, but your mental health will also improve as well. When you make it part of your regular routine, you don’t even have to think about it and can continue to reap all the benefits that come from doing so.


Take Action


It’s important to take action and problem solve when faced with difficult life situations. For example, losing a family member is never easy but keep in mind that you have options for getting to the bottom of what happened. Do your homework and find out more about what an inquest is so you better understand your rights and how to proceed given the facts.


Talk through Your Problems


An additional healthy strategy for how to better manage your stress is to talk through your problems. Call a friend, sit down with a family member or work with a professional therapist and tell them more about what’s bothering you. Holding negative emotions inside for an extended period of time is likely going to cause you to lose control later on. You may say words or take actions in the moment that you’ll regret after you’re feeling better.


Practice Self-Care


You should put self-care activities at the top of your to-do list when you’re dealing with a lot of stress. Do more of what makes you happy and keeps you feeling great such as getting a massage, trying CBD products from Gold Bee, cooking nutritious meals and writing in a journal. If one fact is for certain, it’s that you’ll never regret taking better care of yourself because of how much your wellbeing will improve overall.




Too much stress is unhealthy and will cause you a lot of unwanted problems in the long run. Take advantage of these healthy strategies for how you can keep your worries and anxieties in check. You’ll notice that life feels like less of a chore and is more enjoyable when you do.


4 Top Healthy Ways To Manage Your Stress

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  • leannelc

    Kate you should be linking up with us at #MLSTL on my blog on Wednesdays – posts like this are what our party is all about (one of the other bloggers did a post on coping in a crisis and your post had a similar feel) It’s always great to share with others and your tips are very helpful.

  • Mummy here and there

    I agree with everything you have said to help tackle stress. I definately have found exercise really beneficial to help reduce the feelings of frustration which then leads to stress X #mmbc

  • Lucy At Home

    Going out for a walk is my go-to stress reliever! I like being out in the fresh air (whatever the weather) and being in the wide open world helps me to get perspective. #blogcrush

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