How To Get Rid Of Decluttered Items

Congratulations! You have successfully decluttered your home and are ready to embrace a life of minimalism and simplicity. And with the estimated cost of household clutter being over $6,000, you’re well on your way to saving some money for the future. But now you’re faced with a problem. How do you get rid of the pile of unwanted and surplus household items? The danger of decluttering without having a fully thought-out plan is that you run the risk of placing your items in a corner only to slowly bring them back into your home. Here are a few tips on how to get rid of your decluttered items once and for good.

  • Facebook selling groups

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Facebook groups are platforms where users with shared interests interact with each other. You can create or join a Facebook group for just about any function or purpose. One of the most popular groups is the “buy/sell” group. These groups could have large selections of various items or solely focus on particular categories of items. The items could either be used or new. Every buy/sell group might have different regulations but typically follow the same method of selling; post a photo of your items and add your price and a brief description of the product. Ensure that your prices are competitive, especially for not unique items. 

Buyers usually express their interest via comments, and then you can arrange to meet them. Be prepared to bargain for a good selling price as bargaining is quite common in these groups. Another benefit is that you will mostly transact business in person (cash), so you will not be required to pay a service charge. You can also post an unlimited number of items. Facebook selling groups are simple and easy; however, you should always remain cautious of the types of people you agree to meet and where you meet to complete transactions. 

  • Decluttr

Decluttr is an amazing platform —accessible through a website or mobile application — dedicated to selling used items around your home. You can sell items such as old cell phones, video games and consoles, DVDs, books, toys, and so much more. The best thing is that it is easy and free to use! You can enter their respective barcode numbers for items such as old CDs, games, and books. It’s even easier on the app version available to iOS and Android users because you can directly scan the barcodes with your phone. For other items such as gadgets, you will only need to search for their names in the system. While there is a price limit for each item, you can still enter as many items as you would like. Once your orders have been confirmed, you will need to pack the items into a box and ship them to Decluttr for free. You will be paid after your items have been received and gone through an extensive quality assessment. It’s an excellent way to make some decent money from decluttering. 

  • Amazon Marketplace

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Amazon is a major online shopping website that sells assortments of items ranging from cosmetics to homeware. The products you purchase off this website come directly from the company’s inventory, as well as its sellers. Amazon Marketplace is a network of individual third-party sellers who have permission to use the main Amazon website as a platform to display and sell their products at a cost. Amazon is particular about who they permit to sell on the Marketplace, with just a few countries participating. 

  • Consignment stores 

The demand for secondhand items has increased over the past few years and is expected to double by 2029. Consignment stores both online and offline have grown more popular as a result. These stores sell used items on behalf of the original owner, who then shares the sale price. Many of these stores tend to specialize in selling items such as clothing and jewelry. Others also specialize in particular items like furniture or décor items. 

So, how do you sell something in a consignment store? Well, a few things you must know is that once the store accepts your items, they are responsible for all marketing and promotion, and if the item sells, you receive your share of the price paid while the rest goes to the store. Remember that if you want to make some good money, ensure that your merchandise is good quality and in demand. If your item doesn’t sell or at least does not sell in the agreed time, you can get your item back. 

  • Garage sales

Not only will garage sales help you make a ton of cash, but it allows you to help the environment. Instead of throwing out your decluttered items that will end up in landfills, you can sell them to people who will find them useful. You can promote your garage sale on social media or through your local newspaper to ensure you attract interested persons. If you have children, you can also encourage them to participate and learn about running a business by helping them set up a drink or snack table. That way, they would also earn some money while selling to shoppers. Ensure that your garage sale is lively by playing some music while shoppers browse your items. Apart from that, it allows you to get out of your house and mingle with members of your community. You might be able to make a friend or two. 

  • Donate

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If earning some additional money off your decluttered household items is not of importance to you, then you should consider donating your unwanted items. After all, what might be old to you might be new for someone else. The good thing is that there are several places where you might want to donate to. Thrift stores are excellent choices if you want to donate your items. There are national thrift stores like the Salvos Stores (Salvation Army) or the Australian Red Cross Shop you can start with but be sure to check out local stores in your community. Churches also usually accept donations or might sometimes ask for specific items from the community. Local charities and non-profit organizations also accept used clothing, furniture, toys, and books. Alternatively, you can reach out to family and friends to see if they would be interested in any available items.  

  • Storage

You might be still unsure of what to do with your decluttered items or are saving them for future use. If that’s the case, you might want to look into renting self storage units. Before renting out a self storage unit, there are several considerations, including security, cleanliness, and accessibility. Security should cover your possessions and your safety when you visit the storage facility. Look out for units that are well-lit, fenced, and require a person’s PIN to keep out any unwanted user. You must also look out for how clean the unit is and if the company you will be renting from has taken precautions against pests. If accessibility is important to you, ensure that you select one that gives tenants everyday access. 

  • Dispose of items

Sometimes selling your decluttered items or donating them isn’t really what you want to do. Sometimes, it’s better to throw your stuff away. Fortunately, there are a few options on how to dispose of your items as environmentally friendly as possible. Many of your household items are recyclable instead of just stuffed in the bins. These items include books, clothes, plastic bowls, and even electronics. If you want to learn more about your options, you can reach out to your community recycling center. You can also repurpose your items, so they have a new use. Check out DIY project channels on YouTube for more tips and tricks on how to turn your old products into something new. However, some items are not salvageable, and for those, you will need to throw them away. 

  • Online auctions

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Online auctions are excellent ways of getting rid of unwanted clutter, especially if you’re not so pressed on how much you will earn from selling. First, you would have to drop off your items at the auction site and add brief descriptions of the items you intend to sell. Once your items are listed online, people will start bidding on them. These auctions can sometimes last for a week, and you might have to wait a bit longer before picking up your check for payment. The items that sell best are furniture, electronics, tools, and other homeware. 

There are tons of options for getting rid of your clutter. However, for the best results, you will need to have a solid plan to help you narrow your choices down to keep things simple and not overwhelming. Keep in mind that your main goal is to get rid of all clutter in your home, so don’t spend so much time figuring out how to earn more money or finding the best charity to donate to. Most importantly, ensure that you are fully prepared to part with all your unwanted clutter. 


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    Fab suggestions! We are right in the middle of having a declutter at our house. Most of it will be going to our favourite charity shop (BHF).

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