Top Tips For Taking Care Of Your Feet
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Top Tips for taking care of your feet

Taking care of your feet is so important but also very easy to neglect when life is so busy. Your feet carry you around all day. They deserve you to respect that and to keep them in good shape. I was always really proud of my mum who set up free chiropody sessions for older people in our town. Good foot care does not have to take up too much of your time and some pretty simple measures can prevent health issues cropping up. Here are 5 top tips for taking care of your feet.

Ensure you have the right size of shoes – top tips for taking care of your feet

I think we can get stuck in our thinking about our shoe sizes. Mine stayed the same for ages but then went up a size after I became a parent. In the last couple of years it has gone up again so I now am a size 7 which is the same as my Mum who I always thought had particularly big feet. It’s important to get not only the length but the width fitting right. So as well as making a fashion choice, now might be a good time to look for some wider fit shoes providing comfort and preventing damage.

Wash your feet

Although I am sure this is obvious, it is more that you need to take care when you do it. Do not rush it and use mild soap and water. Drying thoroughly is super important or you risk getting a nasty fungal infection. If you have had one of those before, you know they are not pretty, can be painful and can lead to nail loss.

Look at your feet

When was the last time you had a really good look at your feet? I suggest you start doing this weekly. You are looking for peeling or scaling which may suggest you have athlete’s foot. Check out for anything yellow which may indicate a fungal issue. If it’s hard to the touch that could indicate it is a corn or callus. You can treat those on your own if they are small but larger or infected ones might need professional help. Serious fungal infection treatment, as well as Corn and callus treatment is tough and should only be handled by a doctor.

Cut your toe nails

When you cut your toe nails which you should do regularly, do not try to get some perfect rounded shape. You  may think it makes your toes look pretty but taken too far it can lead to painful ingrown nails. Cut straight across and don’t get too near that sensitive skin as nicks in this area are not good.

Taking care of your feet in public areas

If you find yourself at the swimming pool, at the gym or in changing rooms, ensure you wear protection such as shower shoes. Where there are many feet, there are breeding grounds for fungal infection.

What are your top tips for taking care of your feet?


Top Tips For Looking After Your Feet


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