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Why Carpet Manufacturers Recommend Carpet Shampoo and Scotchgard Every 6 Months

Carpets are lovely additions to our homes in that they give warmth and comfort underfoot. They are also a wonderful way to express our own tastes and personal sense of style. I might want a vibrant colour like orange or purple whereas another person might favour pastel tones. There are a huge range of carpets available from the retro to the ultra-modern. There are affordable options or you might decide to splash the cash on more luxurious brands. Whatever carpet you have, one of the challenges they bring is how to keep them clean. You can help yourself and then call in experts such as CarpetFirst Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners to help.

Regular vacuuming

As with most household chores, regularity helps you get into a routine. You should regularly vacuum your carpets and if you can do it daily so much the better. It is not the most pleasant chore but if you put on some music and dance around as you do it, you can give yourself and your children a laugh.

Prevention is better than cure

There are ways to reduce the amount of dirt getting to your carpets in the first place. You can advise your family and friends to take off their shoes at the door in favour of slippers or even bare feet. Rugs can be placed at entry points and some of them actually claim to suck up the dirt so that your carpets remain squeaky clean.

Reality check

I think it is really easy to feel downhearted when our carpets become dirty despite our best efforts at cleaning. You need to get real and know this will happen and it does not mean you are a useless housekeeper. Know  you are doing your best and celebrate that. Accidents can happen in any house leading to stains such as wine, juice, coffee and even blood.

Carpet shampoo

Carpet shampoo is an easy way to protect your carpets from liquid and dirt. If you do your research and choose a recommended carpet shampoo, you do not need to fear damaging the look or feel of the carpet. That is great news because in family homes where children and pets live, carpets will get dirty. Often these are the very households working on limited budgets where a new carpet is an unrealistic expense.


For the protective treatment of carpets, you should use the universal professional product Scotch Gard spray of the world famous 3M manufacturer. Carpet manufacturers recommend this is done every 6 months. It is a great idea to apply ScotchGard just after steam cleaning your carpets. It provides really great protection against stains such as soft drinks, coffee, food spills and the dreaded pet urine. It can even work wonders with any red wine that might have escaped your glass onto the floor. You are perfectly OK to use ScotchGard as soon as you get a new carpet and at 6 monthly intervals thereafter. You can apply the ScotchGard by yourself or you can leave it to professionals. The advantage of hiring professional carpet cleaners such as CarpetFirst Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners for this job is the experience they have in doing this and the proper equipment they are supplied with.

How do you keep your carpets clean?



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