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Health anxiety and how to handle it

Everyone should make their health a priority. You only get one life, and it’s up to you to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to make it as healthy and long-lasting as possible. No-one else will do this for you! While it’s natural to be a little worried about your health from time (such as when you have a scare), if you’re worried all the time, then there’s an issue. Health anxiety is a real issue that robs people of their enjoyment of the present, and is all-around no fun. So how can you overcome such an issue? We take a look at a few ways how below.

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Get the Facts on health anxiety

You know those people who are terrified of flying? They should take a look at the statistics, which says it’s much more likely that they’ll be hurt in the car on the way to the airport than on the flight. Flying is just incredibly safe. If you’re worried about one aspect of your health (say, getting skin cancer or something), then it’s worthwhile looking at the number of people who get the disease each year. It’s virtually nobody — certainly nowhere enough to be worried. If you have issues such as a slight hearing issue it could mean that you have a build up of ear wax or it could mean you are going deaf. It if is the former, old-fashioned remedies like olive oil or going to an ear wax removal clinic can help.

Understand Your Body

Every body is different. Some people are more prone to certain illnesses than others, while some just have excellent genes. If you’re worried about your health in the future, then why not get a clear picture of what’s going on? You can ask your parents about any health issues they have (and any that run in the family). There’s also this blood test online, which will give you a relatively comprehensive overview of the state of your health and the diseases that you’re at risk of in the future. Once you know your body more, you’ll know what you should be looking out for — and the diseases that you’re unlikely to get.

Stay Proactive 

The best way to keep your health anxiety to a minimum is to live a healthy lifestyle. The food you eat, exercise you do, and generally the life you lead has a tremendous impact on the overall state of your health. If you’re taking care of all the essentials, then you’ll know that you’re doing your bit to keep some of the more common diseases at bay. If you’re not currently living all too healthily, look at adding a few easy to make, healthy recipes to you repertoire, and find a hobby you like that will have you working up a sweat.

Handling Anxiety

As with any other anxiety, there are things you can do that will reduce the symptoms. Take meditation and yoga, for example, both of which have been shown to reduce anxiety levels. If you do this, and take a hands-on approach with your health, there’ll be little for you to worry about. Eventually you’ll come to realise that it’s true what they say: what will be will be. Until that moment comes, it’s best to just enjoy the good health that you enjoy.

Do you have any tips on handling health anxiety when it strikes?


How To Cope With Health Anxiety


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  • rawsonjl

    I can’t say I worry much about my health but when there is an area of concern I find my anxiety reaches an all time high until it’s resolved.

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