What Is Online Screening?

What is online screening and how employers use it?

What is online screening and how can employers use it to find the right candidate?

Recruitment in the past

In the olden days which were not that long ago, employers checked who they were recruiting largely by references from former employers and sometimes personal ones from people like priests or people with a strong professional standing in the community. Nowadays, screening is a lot more thorough. For example, most companies now go through a drug testing process (check out the drug testing in Massachusetts laws here) before a candidate is even considered.

Online presence screening

Times have changed and more and more employers are looking into online presence screening of potential employees especially when so many of us are leaving a digital footprint in terms of our social networking, blogging and You Tube channels.

Younger people

Young people will generally have the largest digital footprint as they take social media for granted as part of their everyday lives. They are likely to be particularly active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. How much notice should an employer take of this activity? How much of it will say anything about them as a potential employee? How much leeway can be given bearing in mind that not many of us would want to be judged for some of our youthful mistakes?

Middle-aged people

Employers may be less forgiving of middle-aged people who are applying for jobs if, for example, they find evidence of sexual innuendo or a drinking problem on your Facebook pages. They will be even more cautious when recruiting for senior executive roles where although social media activity may not be huge, it probably says far more about the reality of that individual than the posts of a teenager who may be just going along with the crowd or trying to impress.


Perhaps we all need to be way more careful about what we share online especially when it just might be misinterpreted by an employer. From an employer’s point of view, the very thing they want is a true picture of their potential workers. Interviews generally see people putting on a show or so nervous that it is challenging to get to know them. References tend to be sought from the people the potential employee has chosen to name so perhaps inevitably come across positively. Online screening is a powerful tool for any employer and can potentially stop them making a costly mistake both in financial terms and in damage to their brand.

Fama is a company that offers social media screening for organisations

You may be interested in a charity that helps people into work.

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