How To Boost Self-Esteem
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How to boost self-esteem as a woman

It is a common dilemma for women to struggle with their confidence and sense of self. Whether it’s wider social issues like equality in the workplace and gender stereotypes, or more personal struggles with the way you look and feel — instilling a sense of sense of confidence can be difficult. In fact, according to research conducted by Dove, 62 percent of girls feel insecure or not sure of themselves and only 4 percent of women considering themselves ‘beautiful,’ proving that this issue affects types of females. So if you’re feeling a little unsure of yourself, what can you do to boost your confidence? How to boost self-esteem matters so let’s highlight some powerful tips to do just that.

Ways For Women To Boost Self-Esteem

1. How to boost self-esteem

It’s no secret that many self-esteem issues come from dissatisfaction with the way we look. Regular exercise not only is a great way to stay healthy and fit, but the activity actually reduces stress levels and stimulates happy hormones like dopamine, estrogen and serotonin. Whether it’s going to gym regularly, joining a sports team or training for a marathon, try and pick a form of exercise that you enjoy and can see yourself keeping up with. If you really want to test yourself, you could give some “man activities” a go, like hunting. Just grab the gear and prove that you can achieve anything. It will do wonders for your confidence.

2. Start Writing Things Down

Whether you keep a regular diary, write down your goals and positive affirmations every morning, or even write music; writing is a great way to get rid of negative energy and refocus yourself. A report by The University of Rochester Medical Center in fact found that journaling can reduce the symptoms of mental illnesses like anxiety and depression, because it helps you identify triggers and encourages positive self-talk. If you don’t enjoy writing everything down in a diary-style, then try keeping a notepad on your bed side, and writing down three things you love about yourself and three goals you have, every morning before starting your day. It will give you that positive kick you need.

3. Nurture Yourself

Sometimes a lack of confidence and anxiety can be a result of emotional build up in which you haven’t given yourself the time to relax and process certain situations. With many women living a busy life, taking care of yourself and giving yourself the chance to unwind and de-brief can often be a ritual that is overlooked. Be sure to treat yourself regularly to things that make you feel good. Whether it’s going shopping, getting a facial or going for a massage, putting yourself as priority and doing something to feel good can give you that boost of confidence you need. Another great way to nurture yourself is through meditation; by stimulating the prefrontal cortex that controls happiness, it reduces symptoms of stress and tension.

Every woman deserves to feel confident and strong, and sometimes it takes a little extra effort to feel good about yourself. Try out some of these techniques and notice the difference in your sense of self.

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  • Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies

    My nan kept a diary for years and years. Now she has lost her memory I love to read them to her. They helped her then and they still help her now! x #TheListLinky

  • Kim - Raising a Ragamuffin

    Like most mums, I’m guilty of not having enough ‘me-time’ and I struggle with self-esteem and social anxiety to the point that I rarely socialise. I feel comfortable enough in my work in environment so it doesn’t have a huge impact on my life, but your post has got me thinking, I might give these tips a go and see if they make a difference. #BloggerClubUK

  • Kel @ School Runs & Shopping Trolleys

    Nice ideas. I write down three things I’m thankful for each evening when I go to bed, but I might start listing positive affirmations in the morning too. #TheMMLinky

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