Top tips for email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is vital for most businesses these days. Do you know many people who don’t have an email address? Of course not so email marketing is a very effective way to communicate with existing and potential customers. The issue is that most businesses and that includes bloggers are becoming aware of the power of email marketing. That means you have to be able to stand out in the inbox. It’s time to get personal and relevant. Remember you are competing with emails from friends, family, small and large businesses, educational establishments and faith groups.

Here is a great infographic that will improve your marketing efforts via email.

Advantages of email marketing

There are so many benefits to using email to engage with your customers. Only people who have some interest will sign up to receive your emails so you are not wasting time on people who will never be your customers. You can work out the interests of different customers and use segmentation to get the content they want most to their inboxes. Emails are easily shared with your recipient’s contacts meaning potential new customers for you. Email marketing is less harsh than telephone marketing as the customer can decide if and when to read your communication. It is also affordable and environmentally friendly as nothing is printed.

Next steps

If you really want to get to grips with email marketing, you are advised to check out and

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