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Positive blogger Becky shares her story

A positive blogger is not hard to find. Time and time again we hear how supportive and lovely the blogging community is and that is true on the whole. However, there are some stand-out people who are just special and particularly helpful to others. One of these is Becky from Cuddle Fairy so I was delighted when she agreed to take part in my series of blogger stories.

Positive Blogger

Why did you start to blog?

I started Cuddle Fairy to spread positivity. I felt really motivated towards that but wasn’t sure how I was going to achieve that goal. Initially I wrote about parenting in a positive way but it evolved into quotes and mindset and positive lifestyle posts.

How did you feel when you started blogging?

I was kind of terrified when I started blogging to be honest. I had no idea what I was doing and I remember on my lauch day loads went wrong. It’s been a real learning process but one of the best things I learned is not to panic if something goes wrong on the blog front!

How do you feel about blogging today?

I love blogging, and feel calm and happy about it most of the time. I have some stressful days or days when I worry about something but I aim to keep my mindset positive which helps a lot. I find a lot of joy out of writing, taking photos and making videos!

What is your proudest achievement related to blogging?

I wrote a blog post about my daughter’s hip dysplasia. She wore a brace as a baby and it was a difficult thing to accept and to deal with at the time. I googled and googled and found it so hard to get information or articles written about practical life with a baby in a brace. So, when I started my blog, I wrote the post about my baby’s hip dysplasia so other moms out there would know that how they feel is normal and a few tips I learned on how to manage the brace. I get messages from moms every few months who have read my post and who’s baby was just put into a brace. I feel for each of them so much. I’m so happy that they have someone to reach out to and an article to read that they can relate to. I have a few positivity posts that I get feed back on as well. So to make this long story short, the positive feedback from blog posts is my proudest achievement.

What is the most exciting event you have attended as a blogger?

The Netflix Event in London! We had such a great time. Netflix had activities organized, delicious food and great company in a stylish London penthouse. We were treated so well! Now such things definitely help to make me a positive blogger!

Do you monetize your blog and, if so, how?

Brands and PR’s started to email me about collaborating. I am quite choosy when it comes to who I work with. But I did start accepting offers and as time has gone on I have gotten more and more happily!

What do you find most challenging about blogging?

Not taking things personally and holding my self worth was challenging at the beginning. It’s hard to understand as a new blogger why everyone who emails is looking for things for less or nothing or pushing for something. Or times when work didn’t come in, not to think there was something wrong with me or blame myself.

What surprised you most about blogging?

How many friends I’ve made through it. I didn’t expect that – at all! I have made blogger friends who are some of my best friends now.

How do you balance blogging and family life?

That was a tricky one for a long time actually. I have blog stop times and start times and I take Sunday off. Sometimes the stop time can go late if I’m very busy but I really try not to do that. So by keeping hours I have family time preserved.

What would lead to you giving up blogging?

I hope nothing. It’s my creative outlet and I really love it! Unless I started something else that I felt more passionate about, but even then I’d hate to say good bye to my Cuddle Fairy!

What is your top tip for a new or inexperienced blogger?

Not to stress! Do not stress. Everything will be ok with your site and your social media. It all takes time to learn so give yourself a break. Join blogger groups, ask questions and take help when you get it. Only focus on one social network at a time, don’t over load yourself. I know that’s more than one lol

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Blogging has brought me so much from friends to a place to be creative to a voice outside my home. And a connection with people out there I never would have met otherwise. To any bloggers reading this who loves their blogs, never let yourself or your blog feel inadequate from what someone says or does. Hold your worth and value always and enjoy what you do!

So if you want to find a positive blogger and have not visited Becky’s blog yet, I urge you to do so because I know you will not be disappointed.

If you would like to share your story of being a positive blogger with me, just get in touch.

Positive Blogger Becky Shares Her Story

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