How to Prevent Cockroach Infestation in Your Home

Nobody likes cockroaches. They can be a menace, but no matter how hard you try, it seems to you that you just can’t completely get rid of them. You’re bound to get frustrated.

But the truth is, you may have successfully exterminated all the cockroaches in your home. The reason you suddenly see these little brown creatures a few weeks after your pest control is over is that you probably have not taken preventive measures to keep them away.

Most times, we ignorantly invite pests. So, as a resident of Sydney NSW, how can you avoid bringing cockroaches into your home?


1.             Inspect delivery boxes

We all love getting our purchases delivered to our doorsteps. But notably, shipping boxes are one of the favourite hiding spots for cockroaches. These insects prefer cozy places for their shelter, and cardboard boxes and other paper products present the perfect spot as they are also a food source to them.

You should therefore check your delivery box outside before taking it in. If you find any holes, gnaw marks or eggs, the package is most likely infested. Remove the item and dump the box in the trash.


2.             Dispose of paper boxes quickly

If you’ve brought non-infested packages into your home, it’s wise to dispose of the boxes as quickly as possible. That’s because, as Cindy noted, paper products are great invitation cards to these disgusting pests. If you also have old books you no longer need, all stacked up at a corner, get rid of them.


3.             Keep your kitchen extremely neat

As you most likely already know, kitchens are one of the most common places you’ll find cockroaches. These insects can eat anything as long as it is animal or plant-based. And they get a lot of that in your kitchen, from food scraps to garbage. These insects will walk upon your plates and pots in search of food. And notably, cockroaches carry several pathogens that can cause a wide range of diseases, including typhoid fever, diarrhea, dysentery, and cholera.

It’s therefore crucial you wash your kitchen utensils thoroughly before using them. Also, take out food crumbs from the area.

The less inviting your kitchen is to cockroaches, the less likely you are to find them lurking.


4.             Pack with the right materials

If you’re moving, it’s important to avoid bringing cockroaches into the new apartment. So instead of using cardboard boxes, it’s advisable to use plastic tubs and bags if possible. If you must, ensure you check your cardboard boxes before taking your belongings into the new home.


5.             Sanitize furniture before bringing them into your home

Furniture pieces are also great hiding spots for roaches. If you’re packing, check each furniture piece—including your bed—for signs of pests and sanitize accordingly. And it’s a great idea to contact a professional cockroach pest control Sydney NSW if you find that the cockroaches in your home are more than you can handle. A professional pest control company can help you get rid of your little unwanted intruders and prevent them from following you to your new home.


Always be on the lookout

Cockroaches are dangerous. With so many hazards they pose to human lives, it’s in your best interest to always take action when you notice your home is getting infested. And always remember – be mindful of the materials you bring into your home.

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