6 Timeless Furniture Pieces That Never Go Out Of Style

Some things are never out of date. From the canopy bed at the beginning of the royal family to the Chesterfield sofa, which stands permanently as a symbol of luxury and sophistication, these are certain pieces of furniture that continue to hold part of history in terms of home design.  For how many trends come and go, there are always a few furniture classics that no one can dethrone. Incorporating these basic elements into your decorations will prove to last longer than trends.

Leather club chair

The French club chairs were initially known as comfortable or comfortable armchairs. Early designs are usually covered in leather, and the name probably refers to a gentleman’s club where men can enjoy cigars and drinks or relax in a comfortable design. Club chairs are nowadays commonly found in a variety of upholstery and fabrics, but leather club chairs have always been a true staple of luxury and sophistication.

Bentwood chair

Bentwood chairs are named after the fact that the frame of the chair is bent into a winding shape. These were designed by Michael Thonet, who perfected the technique of using hot steam to give the wood enough flexibility to bend it, and then to dry and shape the wood.  The minimalist design of  Bentwood chairs when paired with a rustic dining room set makes the room look elegant. Bentwood furniture was extremely popular during the 1860s and was located easily. The good part is that they are as easy to find in the breakfast corner of your grandparents as they are the hottest local restaurants.

Canopy Bed

The origin of the curtained beds is more practical than elegant as they are designed with curtains that completely cover the bed for warmth and privacy. Still sometimes stylized with dreamy and romantic curtains, today’s four-poster beds often ditch the curtains and leave majestic structures to support themselves. This lack of curtains allows the bed to blend in with more styles and can even be seen in more urban designs.

Trestle Table

Originating in the Middle Ages, the trestle table is just a piece of wood, placed on a simple folding leg. Since most mediaeval castles do not have a designated restaurant, it is designed to be easy to install and disassemble. Today, the Trestle table is more durable and definitely more stylish, but still has the same function as a simple table for gathering with family and friends to enjoy a meal.

Tufted Headboard

A quick scroll of Instagram reveals that tufted headboards are still loved by designers as well as homeowners. Much of our classic furniture comes from centuries ago due to the actual needs of the people then. Tufted headboards are insulating materials that still carry an undeniable style and beauty. In addition, the reminders of the idea that we want a cozy environment in our home, especially in our bedroom.

Oriental Rug

No rug is as classic as the oriental one. Mere appearance evokes a timeless thing. Indeed, the oldest piece of furniture on the list is genuine Oriental Rugs that are hand-woven in the Middle Eastern and Asian countries. They date back to 200 AD. Today, these rugs fit the style of any room, from modern to traditional. By grounding the space, putting together the color scheme, and adding softness under the toes, the rug is our room’s statement maker.

Trends in home decor are always changing. It can be a hard task to predict what would be the next upcoming style, but there are these signature furniture pieces that never go out of style. You won’t regret investing in them.









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