Mother’s Day: 3 Ways Your Mum Has Helped You Become Who You Are

Every mother plays a very prominent role in child development. Whether it is infancy or teenage years, a mother can really shape the way you look at the world!

The communication between a mother and her child begins right from the time the child is in her womb, helping create a strong bond between the duo.

On the other hand, becoming a mother is no child’s play. A woman needs to go through several stages before actually landing on being called a mother. It is a journey filled with pride, happiness and emotions of all sorts that can make the way to motherhood quite difficult and rewarding at the same time.

Since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, we thought it would be appropriate to talk about how mothers shape our life and help us become who we are today.

This Mother’s Day, reward her with special Mother’s Day gifts, surprises, experiences and anything that she enjoys doing. As a token of gratitude, this is the least you can do. We can’t think of anything better than a mother daughter ring to celebrate this very special love story.

That said, let’s understand how a mother helps you create your personality.

  1. First Emotional Bond 

She is your mother, the primary caregiver in children’s earliest days, weeks and months. Your mum is your first link to any emotional bonding and attachment. It is through her, that you have understood what it is like to get attached to someone, emotionally.

Naturally, the first emotional bond defines how you look at other emotional attachments in your life, later on.

The first bond with the baby will leave a deep impact on a child’s overall well-being and development. It moulds and shapes the relationships you create in any social and emotional setting in the coming years.

If you have been complimented about your understanding of emotional matters, it could very well be a result of the kind of emotional nurturing you got from your mother. In short, a mother truly lays the foundation of emotional attachment and the way you look at other bonds in your life.

  1. Building Trust and Security 

Two extremely important life skills, building trust and security are probably the pillars that can get you through anything. A child learns about trust and security from their mothers, something that can shape the way their personality turns out to be.

It is up to the mothers to teach their children about the importance of being able to trust and be trustworthy. The mothers are someone they form a trustworthy relationship with first, something that makes the children confident and emotionally secure.

Mothers are always there when a child needs them, to make sure they are supporting and encouraging them enough. The consistency in this provides the child with security and trust, a kind of basis for his / her future endeavours.

  1. Discipline and Routine 

A child’s growing years is where the basic discipline and routine is set. It is that comfortable space in the growing years wherein setting a routine in a child’s daily life is doable.

The best way to go about it is by maintaining a routine themselves; mothers’ attitude towards discipline and routine can shape the way their child behaves.

In simple terms, a mother tends to change the way she lives, in order to create a behaviour that has the healthy discipline and routine patterns. A child notices this, and with the innocence in his mind, tries to imitate.

This is one part of the struggles that mothers go through to give their children the absolute best nurturing that they can. They tend to change their routines in and out to become ideal figures for their children.

Off You Go…

Mothers are a blessing to mankind. They are shaping the way our society turns out to be, in a way. They have some magical powers that reside inside them. They are strong – strong enough to bring a human into this world and help him / her navigate as and when he / she feels lost.

From learning alphabets to infusing sensitivity into them, mothers can really shape the way you look at the world.

A strong figure like this should be celebrated every day of the year, but since there is a labelled Mother’s Day sneaking upon us, you should be ready with all the gratitude in your heart.

Plan a day especially for her, make her feel special and loved, as a thank you for everything that she’s done for you so far!


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