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Outdoor Lighting to give your exterior the wow factor

Good lighting is an important part of any well-landscaped exterior, patio, swimming poolside, or other outdoor space. If planned carefully, properly lit outdoors can add to the ambiance and mood of any party or get-together in a community or commercial premises. Also, it can go a long way in highlighting the most impressive aspects of the back garden, lawn, yard or other open areas in residences. Given the wow factor that outdoor lighting imparts, you cannot help but include it to illuminate the architectural features of your personal space.


Tips for Lighting your Outdoors Effectively

Home décor is not restricted to interiors alone. Your outdoor areas are equally important and demand the right aesthetics and lighting to create an overall appealing impact. For instance, Alan Lander from Hydro Dynamics Corporation says that patios are great for outdoor parties, but that having good outdoor lighting is important to keeping the party going after sunset.

The following tips will help in brightening up your outdoors to make your evenings all the more pleasant.

  • Different Types of Lighting


Ambient, accent, and task are the three different types of lighting that should make it to your wish list when you are selecting outdoor lighting. While post lights, hanging lights, and wall lights are the perfect options for ambient lighting, you may want to invest in the plus deck, pathway lights, and security lights to facilitate task lighting. Spotlights and landscape kits can add more value to your outdoors by filling in for accent lighting. Choosing a careful mix of these three types of lighting to make your outdoors more functional and noteworthy.

  • Figure out the Lighting Needs


As per experts in landscape lighting, there’s an easy formula to ascertain how much lighting any specific outdoor area would need. Simply multiply the area you want to be lighted in square footage by 1.5 in order to make an approximation of the total wattage needed. For example, 200 square feet of outdoor would need 300 watts. So, before you begin your shopping spree for light fixtures, make quick calculations about the lighting you’d need to get full value for your money.

  • Plan the Choice of Fixtures


You may want to take a step back, sit down with a piece of paper, and plan the kind of lighting that would be most appropriate for your outdoor spaces. Take measurements as accurately as possible. Check the position and size of fixtures so that they are neither too large or a small scale. It’s a good idea to create scale drawings to determine where the fixtures would be placed to attain optimum lighting and good results. Choosing weather-resistant materials should be an important consideration to ensure the longevity of your outdoor lighting.

Illuminate Your Outdoors Well

Those visiting your home or other premises get to see your outdoors even before they step inside. Therefore, your patio, garden space, swimming pool area, and other exterior spaces should be tastefully designed and lit up to create the desired impact. It’s also recommended that you get in touch with professional landscape designers to get the best aesthetics for your space.

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