How To Revamp Your Bedroom
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How to revamp your bedroom

The intimate space that is your bedroom should be the place where you feel most comfortable and that is a real reflection of you as an individual. Taking the time and effort to make it so is both life affirming and comforting and so well worth it. Here are some tips that can help you revamp your bedroom and achieve a fresh look for the Spring.

Spring Cleaning

Achieving a fresh look all starts with a little Spring cleaning. Take the opportunity to go through your wardrobe and store or get rid of any clothes that will be surplus to requirements once the Spring ushers in some warmer weather. Next, go about decluttering the rest of the room and giving it a thorough deep clean – there’s nothing like starting with a blank canvas.

Once this has been achieved, it is time to start thinking about a fresh lick of paint and your Spring colour palette.

Spring Colour Palette

Grey and white has always been a stylish and popular colour combination, however add to this a splash of pastel pink and you have something that is light, fresh, sophisticated and beautiful. The trick with this particular combination of colours is to use the pastel pink sparingly. Overuse can leave the space looking a little garish and overwhelming – subtle hints are all that is required.

Window Dressing

Having achieved a fresh new colour palette for the bedroom, it is now time to embellish the look and dressing the windows is a good place to start. For a wonderful choice of curtains try Direct Blinds, who have a broad range of products to suit this look and have a reputation for quality and value.

Bedclothes and Soft Furnishings

Next indulge yourself by investing in some new bedclothes that are in keeping with the colour palette you have used to paint the room. Choose Egyptian cotton for the ultimate luxury and don’t be afraid to mix it up a little when it comes to pillow cases – this will help give the room some extra dynamics.

As far as soft furnishings go and if your budget will stretch, a new rug and possible some cushions will add vibrancy to the space and, of course, more comfort.

To complete the revamp, choose some candles and something to make the room smell wonderful, some tiger lilies perhaps as these will also match the colour palette. Then you are all set to spend your first night in your new look bedroom.

Do you have ideas on how to revamp your bedroom to share with my readers?


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