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How to create a cosy bedroom sanctuary

How to create a cosy bedroom becomes an important issue as we turn on the heating and the colder months set in. We spend a lot of hours in our bedroom. It should be a sanctuary where we can sleep and relax. As we move into Autumn it is time to ensure that our bedroom gives us a warm and snuggly feeling from the moment we enter it at the end of the day. Check out deluxe bedding from Snug Interiors and perhaps incorporate some of my tips into your bedroom makeover.

How to create a cosy bedroom

As with all interior design projects, it is important to work out how much you can afford to invest on your bedroom makeover. You won’t be relaxing at all if you get into debt trying to pay for that dream sanctuary. If you have a big bank balance you can go wild and if not you can cut your cloth accordingly. Don’t forget that charity shops and Ebay are great sources of bargains. Pinterest is also a fabulous place to go for some inspiration.


I love layers as they give an indulgent feel straightaway. You need to decide on a colour scheme. I love vibrant colours reflecting those of nature at this time of year. Bedspreads, throws and cushions can make such a difference to the feel of your bedroom.

Express yourself

If you can’t be your true self in your own bedroom where can you be? This is your zone so express your individual style. For me that will include picking up retro and quirky items from charity shops. You will have your own ideas perhaps a collection of yours or even your children’s artwork. Do it your way.

Colour schemes

Sadly some trendy wallpapers and paints can be a little too cold for bedrooms. I love bright colours which certainly cheer you up on those mornings when dragging yourself out of bed is a chore. If you are going to go with white or grey, try and inject some warmth with your furnishings to add to that cosy feeling.

Please leave a comment and share your ideas on how to create a cosy bedroom.

How To Create A Cosy Bedroom Sanctuary





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