The Bathroom Cleaning Tips You Wish You Knew Sooner


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Cleaning your bathroom is one of the worst tasks you can do as a homeowner. To make matters worse, the longer you put it off, the harder it gets. Bathrooms can get really dirty, which is why they’re a pain to clean. But, with these cleaning tips, you’ll make your bathroom easier to clean, letting it be as spotless as possible!

Always wipe down surfaces after a shower

Showering is a necessity, but it’s also a massive nuisance in terms of cleaning your bathroom. When you shower, water can get everywhere. This might not seem like a problem – after all, aren’t bathrooms designed to get wet?! However, if you leave the surfaces with water on them, it can cause issues down the line. 

Mainly, walls or ceilings that get wet can become damp and create amazing breeding conditions for mould. The same goes for silicone seals around your bath/shower, as well as the rubber stoppers that are sometimes under shower screens. As such, wiping down these surfaces after you’ve had a shower will make it much easier to keep the bathroom clean. A soft cloth is all that’s needed – microfibre ones work really well – and you just have to go over the surfaces and mop up all that extra moisture. No cleaning materials are required, no sprays are necessary; it’s really that simple. 

Use a toothbrush to clean between tiles

Tiles are so annoying to clean because of the gaps between them. As you’re aware, these gaps are filled with grout, which keeps the tiles fixed in place – while also providing a nice look to them. Unfortunately, cleaning between tiles is hard as grout is very porous. This means that things can sink into the grout and become stuck in its pores – like mould and grime. So, wiping away at the tiles won’t always keep them clean. 

In an ideal world, you just install panels that don’t have gaps between them, eliminating this problem. Understandably, most of you won’t start searching where to buy waterproof shower panels as you’re happy with the tiles you currently have and just want to know how to clean them. If you are renovating your bathroom, upgrading to these modern PVC panels can definitely make cleaning a lot easier. Nevertheless, the other option is to use a toothbrush to clean between your tiles. The bristles from the toothbrush are really effective at lifting dirt from the grout and leaving the tiles very clean. Combined with your bathroom cleaner of choice, you can have some seriously impressive effects from a trusty toothbrush. 

This goes without saying, but make sure it’s a toothbrush you aren’t using. You can get packets for hardly any money, so don’t use your current toothbrush and think that running it under hot water will help clean it!

Make a toilet paper poultice to remove mould

Back in the olden times, medical experts would use a poultice to treat people’s wounds. They’d layer it on top of the wound, and the idea is that the poultice would help to draw out toxins and help the wound heal. What’s this got to do with cleaning your bathroom? Well, you can create a toilet paper poultice to get rid of mould!

Specifically, you’re looking at mould on silicone sealants. This can be around the bottom of your shower or the side of your bath – possibly even behind your sink where it joins to the wall. Wherever you find this mould, you can apply this tip to get rid of it overnight. 

It’s very simple, and it starts with some bleach. Put gloves and a mask on when handling bleach, then use a brush to apply it to the affected area. This works as a glue to keep the toilet paper stuck to the sealant. Next, you get some toilet paper – kitchen roll also works – and roll it up so you have a tight little rope of paper to lie along the sealant. Stick it in place using the bleach, then pour more bleach above the paper so it dribbles down behind it. Most of the hard work is now done; all you have to do is leave this for at least 12 hours. If you’re going away over the weekend, it’s a really good idea to do this before you leave. 

When you’ve let enough time pass, go back into the bathroom and peel away the toilet paper poultice. As if by magic, most of the mould will already be gone. Wipe or brush any remaining mould and it comes away easily. This works because the poultice traps the bleach and the mould, suffocating the area. It stops the bleach from evaporating, while also stifling the conditions that mould needs to grow. As a result, the bleach can get deep into the mould, lifting it from the surface. 


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Fill your bath with washing powder

This is another weird trick that works absolute wonders. Have you ever looked at your bath and wondered how it got so filthy? All you do is fill it with soapy water – how can that make it so dirty?! Well, the oils from your soaps cling to the sides of the bath and make it super grimey. This makes it hard to clean away the marks with some cleaning spray and wipes. You could spray a bathroom cleaner on your bath, leave it for half an hour, and come back to it. If your bath isn’t that dirty, you should be able to wipe it clean. 

However, in cases when your bath is really bad, you should fill it with hot water and add a dollop of biological washing liquid/powder to it. Let it soak – again overnight is best – and then drain it away. Rinse your bath thoroughly, wiping the sides as you do it. Because of the chemicals in the washing powder, all the dirt and grime will be lifted from your bath, leaving it sparklingly clean and gorgeous!

Don’t be afraid to use a vacuum cleaner

For whatever reason, lots of people never use a vacuum cleaner in the bathroom. Well, I know the reason, it’s because the room gets wet. However, there are two counterpoints to this issue. Firstly, if you followed the earlier tip, you will keep your bathroom dry. Simply dry down wet areas before you use your vacuum, or make sure you only use it when the bathroom is already dry. Secondly, you can get vacuums that work on wet surfaces, so this isn’t really an issue anymore!

Why do you need to use your vacuum? It’s simple, your bathroom – like every other room in your house – will be prone to dust settling on surfaces. The problem with many bathroom cleaning ideas is that they never take care of the dust. So, make it your mission to go around the bathroom every couple of days, sucking up dust from surfaces. You can use a handheld vacuum to do this, and it really shouldn’t take too much time. When the dust has been removed, then you can clean the surfaces properly without dealing with all the clumped up dust.

Have you tried any of these tips before? If you haven’t, give them a go and see just how clean you can make your bathroom. There is one last tip that’s been saved for last, so well done if you’ve made it this far before leaving. The key to cleaning your bathroom is consistency! Things like wiping down surfaces, vacuuming, scrubbing tiles – and so on – should be done consistently. If you only do them once every month or so, your bathroom will never be clean. 

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