Where to buy vegan sweet hampers

I am rather late to the vegan party. I can see the very valid reasons to go vegan but felt the food couldn’t possibly be as great as vegan champions claim. I was so wrong and encourage anyone who is cynical to give vegan food a whirl. I haven’t had anything I didn’t like since trying a range of vegan foods from cottage pie to sizzling steaks.

I have had a tough time personally for a couple of years now. Throughout this time friends and acquaintances have offered support and advice regularly in their unique ways. Some are more helpful than others but they are all coming from a kind-hearted place. One woman has really gone above and beyond in terms of helping me believe in myself and encouraging me not to accept bad behaviour. She happens to be a vegan so I wanted to get her a vegan gift.

Vegan sweet hampers

I had no idea that vegan sweets existed but thankfully they do and you can order them online. I was delighted to find the range of vegan sweet hampers available from the Sweet Hamper Company. I rushed to order the wicker hamper full of delights including some retro favourites. I was able to arrange for a special message to be included in the hamper for my friend. She wasn’t expecting anything so it was great to hear her delight at the surprise.

Sweets for the whole family

My friend shared the contents of the vegan sweet hamper with her partner and daughter. The hamper included fizzy and boiled sweets. As a woman of a certain age, my friend was most excited by the retro choices.

An example vegan hamper contains: Double Dip x2, Refresher Chew Bar, Love Hearts, Giant Fizzers, Rainbow Drops x2, Stinger Bar, Drumstick Chew Bar, Parma Violets, Strawberry Jawbreakers, Sherbet Dip Dab x2, Candy Whistles, Sherbet Candy Cans, Flying Saucers Bag, Fruity Pops Original, Double Lollies x2, Refresher Chews Lemon Stick Pack, Refreshers Sour Apple Chew Bars, Drumstick Chews Original Stick Pack, Vimto Chew Bar, Fizzy Cherries x2.

Why many sweet hampers are not suitable for vegans

Did you know, not all sweets are suitable for vegans? In fact, many of our favourite pick ‘n’ mix varieties, candies and chocolates contain animal products, meaning that they’re not vegan friendly.

The gummy texture in chewy sweets such as jelly babies and fruit gums is made by using gelatin, and the glossy shine on some sweets and candy is created using beeswax. Plus some colourings actually contain conchiel, which believe it or not is made using ground up beetles!

Who would you order a vegan sweet hamper for?

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