Review of The Astrology Diary 2022

I need a diary to keep on top of my various responsibilities as a parent and other aspects of my life. I have to admit that I am quite picky when it comes to choosing a diary. I like something with plenty of space for writing as I have lots of things going on. It helps if the diary is beautiful too. I hope you enjoy my review of the Astrology Diary 2022.

Review of The Astrology Diary 2022

How clever to combine a diary with astrological guidance and cosmic insight. I love the look of the diary with a dark green and gold cover immediately signaling that you are about to embark on an astrological adventure. There is a wonderful introduction from the author, Ana Leo, reminding us that we are all stardust and her to enjoy our own unique journey. I love how she encourages us to pursue our dreams by listening to our heart. How often we forget to do that and how poorer our lives are when we neglect to follow that internal guide.

Beautifully illustrated diary with a good layout

There are lovely illustrations and you can even plot your own astral chart and enjoy a lunar calendar.  There is information on the New Moon and how to make the most of that moment.  We are encouraged to manifest positive life changes. What fun!

There are 2 pages at the start of each month giving you a view of the whole month ahead. There are two days on each page. I would have preferred either a page a day or a week to a view to be honest. Some of the days have an astrological reading on them. Each of the signs of the Zodiac are described one per month showing how the sun’s movement through the zodiac affects everyone’s energies, whatever your star sign.

Finding out more about astrology

I learned a lot from this diary. I am Sagittarius. I already knew my ruling planet is Jupiter and that I am a Fire sign. I did not know that my crystal is citrine, my Bach Flower Remedy is Agrimony or that my power is visualization. It was interesting to see that I do not work well in love with a Taurus as my husband is one of those and that did not end well. Mind you Aries and Leo were seen as good signs for me and I have had conflict with both lol. It was fun to see my honest, generous and philosophical nature celebrated. And yes I can admit to talking too much, arguing strongly and putting things off too easily.

The author

Ana Leo is a Brazilian coach specializing in moon rituals and astrology. She has an internationally popular YouTube channel (67K+ subscribers) where she shares tarot readings and zodiac guidance. She has over 18 000 followers on Instagram.

Recommendation of the Astrology Diary 2022

I highly recommend the diary as it is so attractive and is more interesting than most diaries. I check my horoscope and tarot reading every day. I take it lightly but often realise how useful it is for a bit of guidance in this thing we call life. Even if you have never looked into your sign much before, now is the time to utilize this wonderful tool to help empower decision-making, nourish relationships and make the most of all opportunities that come your way.

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