How to wear clip on fringes

It’s a fantastic alternative for those who have difficulty deciding on just one hairdo to wear clip on fringes. If you’re a fan of the look but don’t want to seem like a middle-school yearbook shot, you can experiment with clip on fringe extensions. It is also possible to achieve a red carpet style using fringes.  Clip on fringes are so easy to apply, they may make you look like a lovely 1970s vixen, no matter what your motivation for wanting fringes is.


The middle of your hair should be parted


Using a comb, divide your hair into two sections at the crown. Even if you normally despise this type of hairstyle, fringes will completely modify it. While fringes look the finest this way, there is a reason for the middle portion. In addition to keeping hair out of your face, the center part also allows your fringes to rest flat against your skull.

Determine where you want the fringe extensions to fall along your brows and then align them to that location. To put on clip-on fringes, first clip in the two side clips, then the rear clip, keeping the back clip lined with your part.


Use a dry shampoo to freshen up your look


This step isn’t required, but it surely helps. Apply a holding spray or dry shampoo to your hair. This will make it easier to connect the fringe extensions to your hair when the time arrives. Use a dry shampoo spray on the fringes to finish the look. The dry shampoo makes clip-in fringes appear less shiny, making them appear more natural.

  • If you don’t have dry shampoo, don’t worry about it. Without it, you’ll look just as good as you did before.
  • So you don’t have to hold your nose when spraying, look for a good-smelling dry shampoo.


It’s best to place your fringes towards the top of your head


Even if you picked the perfect fringe extension, applying them too far back on your head or too close to your hairline can destroy the illusion. Playing around with many options until you find the one that’s “just right” for you can make you feel a bit. The best place to place fringes is one inch (2.5 cm) back from your hairline.

  • Generally, one inch back is recommended, but you can use your own judgement to determine what makes you want to take a selfie to show them off.
  • To attach clip-on fringes, begin by clipping in the two side clips, followed by the rear clip, making sure that the back clip is aligned with your parting.


The fringes can be trimmed


Before fixing the fringe extensions, make sure you feel fierce and confident with the style. Once you’ve attached the fastener in the centre of your fringes to your hair, go to the next step. Attach the clips to your hair on either side of your brow. Just to be sure, do a little dance before you put them on. Use hairspray to cover up the clips so that they don’t become a fashion faux pas.



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