What Countries Eat Most Unhealthily
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Which countries eat most unhealthily?

We are all motivated when we first start healthy eating and fitness plans. I have lost over a stone in the last couple of months. Yesterday, for the first time, I had a little wobble and wondered if I could stick to my plans to be slim by Christmas. It’s at times like this you need some foodie inspiration so I was interested to look at the World Food Map from Shake That Weight, This gives a nutrition label of kcal, salt, fat, sugar, protein and carbs for every country in the world. Which countries eat most unhealthily?

Which countries eat most unhealthily?

Looking at which national dishes have the most calories, carbs, fat, sugar, salt and protein, there are some really unhealthy choices out there. We are all aware now of the dangers of sugar. In Rwanda, the national dish of Matoke has 43g of the stuff which is 48 per cent of your daily allowance. Scarily, Papua New Guinea’s national dish of Mumu has 18g more than the recommended fat intake of 70g a day. Moving along to Singapore, their national dish of Chilli Crab has 85g of protein equating to 170 per cent of your daily allowance of 50 grams.

Calorie counts

I was surprised at huge differences in the number of calories consumed in different countries. Libya, Belgium, Qatar, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Papua New Guinea were the bad guys on this one. All of them have a national dish which averages at 1012-1425 kcal. The highest is Kyrgyzstan with total calories of 1425. This is in their national dish Laghman, which is pulled noodles, meat and vegetables. It sounds tasty but is it worth the calories?

Good and bad

Some national dishes were good in some nutritional areas but poor in others. For example, Bazeen has 185.42 grams of carbs. This isn’t so bad, as you are meant to eat at least 260g a day but salt levels were high at 8.56g for the same dish.

Visit the World Food Map for foodie inspiration and to check out the places you are visiting in advance to work out the food dangers you may face there.



What Countries Eat Most Unhealthily?

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