Prepare to indulge – the best guilty pleasure food is here!

We are a society of “all or nothing.” This is an attitude that costs us in our quest for a perfectly balanced, perfectly delightful life. In the mapping of the “all or nothing.” guide to life, many wonderful things were chopped off. Things that were enjoyable and indulgent were deemed unhealthy. Not only is this concept flawed, it also sets us up for failure.

Who makes these rules?

Health experts set up healthy programs, and in doing so, they cut away things that people enjoy and mark them as unhealthy. Things like chocolate, sugar, and carbohydrates. These things are not “bad.” In fact, in moderation and used correctly, they are quite healthy and serve a purpose. But, the experts do not seem to think we are strong enough or smart enough to know when (or how much) to partake in them, so they remove them from our lives and treat us like toddlers in a candy store.


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Exposing the truth

Natural sugar and carbohydrates provide the body with fast-acting energy. If you are on a healthy eating program and if you are expending a lot of energy through activities, you may find yourself in need of such an energy boost. Combining these foods with fruit, nuts, and dairy products increase their nutritional value.

The truth is, there is something good about all foods. It is moderation, not elimination that we should strive for. This is called, using the tools you are given. You are creating a healthy lifestyle. In reality, you will not spend the rest of your life without ever partaking in guilty pleasure food. You must incorporate them into your life.

Chocolate and other sweets are good for you

There have been many studies on the effects of chocolate and other sweets on the human body. You may be surprised to find out these delicious foods often have a positive effect on your body.

A study conducted by Harvard suggests that eating chocolate is good for your heart. In fact, they predict that a person who eats small amounts of chocolate 5-times per week has a 60% less chance of developing heart disease. The study concludes that this person will live longer than a person, and we might add, they are probably in a better mood.

Studies show that eating sugar while you are exerting yourself (like mowing the lawn or mopping the floor) gives you the boost of energy you need without the crash later.

If you are concerned about your blood vessels, eat cotton candy! In research, it is shown that melting down of cotton candy actually created new blood vessels in the body.


No one is suggesting you eat tons of candy and expect to be healthy. We are suggesting that in small amounts it is good for you physically and emotionally. You do not have to give up the candy you love, just eat it in moderation.

You do not have to walk through a candy shop, and it’s temptations to get delicious candy. Buying bulk candy online at is the answer. Have your favorite candy delivered to your door and reach for it when you need or want it. You will be able to maintain your self-control. After all, you are an adult with a fully functioning brain. Someone should explain that to the “experts.”

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