Eco-friendly Cleaning Hacks

Eco-friendly cleaning hacks that save time

We are all starting to wake up to the fact that we need to find ways to look after our planet. If you are like myself, you spend an awful lot of your day doing housework. I find when I use ordinary cleaners, I feel slightly ill. That’s just one reason to start investigating green cleaners.  Over the years I have learned about alternatives and it is great to know that these tend to be better for our environment. Here are 5 eco-friendly cleaning hacks for you to try. Check out for more ideal cleaning hacks to make your life easier.

Eco-friendly cleaning hacks include white vinegar

My late mum introduced me to white vinegar explaining how good  it was for cleaning windows with newspaper. Over the years as various issues have shown up at home, I have found it has multiple uses. Sometimes I wonder if there is anything that white vinegar is not good for. You can use it to clean your oven, your kitchen surfaces and your bathroom. I find it a good idea to spray it on surfaces and leave for a while and then a quick wipe down and you can award yourself domestic goddess status.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is another favourite cleaning agent we use in our home. It does a lot of the same tasks as white vinegar but smells less like a fish and chip shop. You may have lemons in anyway for cookery or you can easily busy lemon juice in the supermarket.  Lemon juice makes cleaning your microwave a breeze. I also love how it is superb for cleaning wooden chopping boards or your butcher’s block.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is what I use when I want to get rid of nasty smells. It’s great for absorbing smells from your fridge without affecting the food in there.  If you mix it with water, you can revive stale-smelling sponges although to be honest these things are affordable enough so do change them regularly. Baking soda has multiple uses so do your research and make baking soda your cleaning ally.

Wipes and cloths

We are rightly appalled by the damage wet wipes are doing to our environment but as busy women and mums we may have come to rely on them because they are effective when it comes to cleaning up messes. Fortunately, more eco-friendly wipes are available using things like bamboo. It is also worth checking out e-cloths that use just water instead of nasty chemicals for household cleaning.

Essential oils

I became aware of aromatherapy when I was at university so was already a big fan of essential oils. Recently I have discovered how effective they are for cleaning your home. Did you know that wild orange is great at battling grease? So many of us have our favourite essential oils so you can choose one that suits your nose especially as so many of them have antibacterial qualities.

I hope you enjoy the recipes shared by Pattersons  who offer both household and commercial eco-cleaning products.

Do you have any eco-friendly cleaning hacks to share?





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