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Improving health with Utmost Me

Improving health is something we all need to take seriously particularly in a busy and increasingly stressful world. At the moment, I am having sleep issues regularly waking up in the night and also struggling to switch off and get to sleep in the first place. As I get older, I am all too aware that I am not as with it as I used to be when it comes to  work focus and remembering things.

Improving Health

Utmost Me is a health start-up which focuses on these very issues – improving sleep quality and improving focus and memory.

There are so many times in our lives when sleep can be an issue including  when we are stressed by studies or are sleep-deprived due to the demands of parenting. These are the occasions when it is worth  considering if you need a little extra help. Self-care is important. We really can only look after our loved ones properly if we are taking proper care of our own wellbeing.

Neuro Rest is their sleep supplement and Neuro Focus Plus is their brain vitamin supplement. I will certainly be giving Neuro Focus Plus a try and reporting back on my findings.

Utsmost Me takes  a science-first approach to natural supplements. Both of their products have been developed by a bio-scientist, doctor and expert nutritionist.  This seems a very reassuring combination of experts to me.

It is well worth checking out the Utmost Me blog, written by their Wellness Board of experts. This is also informed by the  Utmost Me Sleep Club which is a private Facebook group.

Since launch, Utmost Me have sold 100,000 bottles and have a 75% customer retention rate suggesting great trust levels in the products.

In a recent survey, 115 respondents said that they would recommend Neuro Rest to a friend and 97% reported sleeping better. These are pretty impressive statistics.

Utmost Me tackles those issues that really are important to most of us such as reaching out full potential in terms of productivity and time management. The blog shares practical solutions  such as effective routines for the mornings. It is well worth popping along for some support.

Do you struggle most with sleep or focus?


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  • thesingleswan

    Ah yes, I often struggle with sleep, although I think I am to blame because I drink too much wine, let myself get wound up and do not go to bed early enough. I will check this out! thanks. Pen x #Anythinggoes

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