Tips On Buying Items On Ebay
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Tips for buying items on Ebay

I am sharing tips for buying items on Ebay some of them based on bitter experience.

Obviously, I love Ebay because I love anywhere in the online or offline world where I can potentially pick up a bargain. I know that even if I became a millionaire I would still love the thrill of the chase when it comes to getting something lovely for very few pennies or pounds. This is made even better when you use coupons for eBay from websites like Raise – as you know you are getting an amazing deal! Whether a jumble sale, charity shop, flea market or car boot sale, don’t be surprised if you bump into me looking for quirky finds.

So here are a few tips on buying items on Ebay.

1. Tips for buying items on Ebay

If you are new to Ebay, just as with anything in life, it is important to start small until you are familiar and confident with how it all works. There are loads of items where bidding starts at just 99 pence so you can play a little before you move on to more expensive items.

2. Communicate!

Once upon a time, we needed a new car after ours was written off. Picture the scene of us working at desks on our laptop computers with our backs to each other. Both of us decided to bid on cars and within seconds both won our bids on two cars. We only needed one and could only really afford one! Learn from our expensive mistake and communicate properly with family members and put only one person in charge of the bidding on pricier items.


3. Consider the implications of collection-only items

Collection items can seem tempting as you can think there are no delivery costs. Of course it does not take a genius to work out that there are delivery costs because you are either going to have to collect the item yourself or arrange for someone to do so.

Picking up in person is a potentially dangerous situation. It is unlikely that you know the seller personally. You could go with a friend or tell someone the address of the place you are going to but it is still fraught with danger depending on who answers the door at the other end.

To be honest, it is far simpler to find a courier to get your item delivered. If you check out Shiply you will see that they can help. I love how you can see examples of items delivered and journeys made too. I wish I had known about this site as it could have saved us a fair amount of money recently when we needed to get several items to our new home.

4. Explore the web

I would also advise everyone to see if they can get items for free via sites like Freegle, Gumtree and parenting forums online. We have benefitted from such sites and I loved giving a much loved cot to a family who were struggling when my first son moved into a bed.

There are just a few quick tips for buying items on Ebay but I am sure you have more so please do leave a comment and share them.




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