5 Essentials for Spring that Every Woman should have in their Closet

Don’t look now, but it is coming. Thankfully, we are entering into the last phase of winter. The best way to get hyped about the sun coming back to warm our skin, is to look at spring fashion. Below, we present you five of the must-haves of the upcoming season. It may not be time to wear them just yet, but it is definitely the right moment to find and buy them.

A New Pair of Court Shoes

You probably did not expect us to start with shoes, did you? The reason is simple, though: it is time to get out and walk around, to enjoy the sun and the fresh air. To keep healthy feet, and to be able to keep-up the pace and walk for kilometres, you need good shoes. This year, there are so many styles and colours available, that it won’t be hard for you to find a good pair of shoes for walking in the open air: you won’t regret it!

Minis will be all Over the Place

If you have great legs, short or long, time to show them off this spring: the mini is back! It goes with the rest of the spring fashion, which will be showing a lot of skin, to stay fresh, comfortable and of course stylish. Be ready for extra joyful colours and unique prints as well, as some pieces of clothes will be taking us back, all the way to the 90s. You can expect the minis to reach about mid-thigh. So, let’s hope it will be a warm spring!

Classics are Still Around

If colourful minis are not for you, and you would rather get dressed in what you know best to look and feel comfortable, don’t worry: Spring 2022 has more of the same for you, only completely reinvented. Think of button-down shirts, blazers, easy knits, and trousers that will make you think that you have never seen them before, simply through the choice of textiles. There will be lots of flower patterns, in a large variety of colours. But for those who like their classic a bit unconventional, the metallic shine will be back, with silver and gold in full fashion. The cut will be classical, but the look will be overly modern.

Big Bags

Did we say big? Sorry, we meant huge. What’s best to go with a mini skirt than a giant bag, right? That should definitely be an interesting mix, as women walk down the streets. It looks like fashion designers have imagined something between a very large purse and a small one or two-day luggage. It goes with the theme of the year though, which is definitely: Vacation. Who are we to disagree?

Add a Romantic Touch

Seems like love may be back in the air. Not so surprising after months of “stay away from me.” We are looking at a 60s era glamour romance, which includes floral, romantic and feminine dresses with fitted bodices and puff sleeves. Add pointed toe heals and a pearl necklace, and you’ve got the look down to a T.

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