Is Blogging The Perfect Career For Parents
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Is Blogging The Perfect Career For Parents?

As mothers, finding the balance in life can be extremely tough. We often have to choose between career and kids, and at some point have to make the difficult decision whether we should go back to work and have our kids looked after by someone else, or stay off and take care of them ourselves. While there really is no wrong answer, it can leave you feeling like any decision you make is the wrong one. However these days we have the ability to work from home, which can be the perfect option for a parent. There’s no travel to work and it can be fit around our other duties. We get to work the times that suit us, while building up something we’ve created ourselves and can be proud of. And blogging is the perfect career for parents, here are just a few of the reasons why.




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Is blogging the perfect career for parents?

When you set up a blog you have the opportunity to earn money, which means you are essentially running your own business. If you’re fed up of having a boss breathe down your neck, annoying or bitchy colleagues spoiling your day or a long commute- working for yourself is the perfect option. Working for yourself is incredibly satisfying, you get to pour your creative energy and efforts into something that benefits you, instead of spending your life earning lots of money for a big corporation.


It’s Inexpensive To Get Started

Unlike lots of other home businesses, blogging requires very little to get started. The main thing you need is a laptop or computer, which chances are you own already. Other costs include website design (although there are lots of great free templates online and ones you can buy cheaply from Etsy) and a domain. But these can be purchased relatively cheaply, and there’s plenty of help and advice online if you’re unsure where to start- check out a domain forum for example. Sites like Pexels and Pixabay offer fantastic free, beautiful stock images, plus most smartphones these days can take excellent pictures in the right lighting. You could always use what you have and build from there, you don’t need to invest in lots of stock or materials or marketing advice to get started like you would with other types of home businesses. Get active on social media, join blogging groups and read advice for how to get your name out there without spending much. Blogging is generally an inexpensive hobby and a business you can start without a lot of money.


It’s Flexible

Whether you want to go it full time, part time or you just see blogging as a hobby that can earn you some extra money- blogging is flexible. While sponsors will have deadlines, it’s up to you what kind of work and how much you take on so you can truly work it around your lifestyle. If you have young kids, work part time or have other commitments meaning a regular job would be difficult, blogging is ideal as you call the shots. You could work more some weeks if you need the money and less on others. You could combine it with freelance writing or other types of work to ensure you’re making enough money. The great thing about blogging is you can take it anywhere with you. If you and your family go travelling, you could simply bring your laptop and do a little bit of work while you’re away. If you move house, move abroad, move for better schools or anywhere else life takes you, your job goes wherever you do. This means you’re not tied down to one place and it gives you a lot of freedom in the rest of your life.


There’s a Social Aspect

The great thing about blogging is it can help you to meet like minded people. Unlike regular workplaces which generally are full of a mixture of people that wouldn’t necessarily choose to be friends, when you meet people through blogging you already share a common interest. As a parent, socialising can be difficult and it’s easy to feel isolated- so being able to meet people in this way is incredibly useful. Bloggers often hold meet up and events that you and the family are able to go along to and meet people in person too. It could be anything from casual drinks and dinners to concerts or formal events with competitions, brand demonstrations and much more. You can be as involved or uninvolved in the social side of things as you want, but it’s nice to have that available, particularly as a busy parent when it’s something many of us can struggle with.


It Helps You to Improve Your Skills

Just because we’re adults with children of our own doesn’t mean we should stop learning. Staying curious with a thirst for knowledge and motivation to improve our skills makes us happier and sets a good example for our children as well. Blogging will of course improve your reading, writing and vocabulary, but it can also help you learn coding and html, design, photography, photo editing, social media networking and more. These are all things that look great on your CV and are transferable skills, whether you make a career change or set up another business later down the line they’re things that will come in useful.

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It can take some time for a blog to get established and for you to reach the stage where sponsors want to work with you. But if you start off as a hobby, know that there is the opportunity to make good money from it later down the line and it could be the perfect career move for you as a busy parent. Make your blog the best it can be, keep putting out regular content and network with others. In time, sponsors will contact you for regular paid opportunities.

What do you think? Is blogging the perfect career for parents?

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  • Tracy Albiero

    Plus kids just give so much content!!! They are funny little creatures. My little one will do something or say something and I think to myself….I could do a blog post about that. I am just getting started but would love to be full time!

  • Martina

    Great article! I have just started blogging too, partially to stop myself talking to the walls as Littlest Angel is also now at full-time school, and partially to prove to myself that you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks. Sadly, it seems some old dogs take longer to learn the tricks than others as you’ll see if you check out my very low-tech blog!

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