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Single Mother Bonding With Children Ideas

Many single mothers have heard of the troubles and issues that might arise when you decided to split from your partner. Finances were at the forefront in the beginning because giving your children the best future is the most important factor. However the more time went on, and the dust cleared, you may have suddenly realized that securing your children’s future financially isn’t the end all be all. Actually, for a single mother,  making sure your relationship and bond with them is the most important thing in the long run. Regardless of what happens, your children will remember you spending time with them, getting to know their interests and hobbies and going the extra mile. Money is fleeting, and the future isn’t certain. Your children might not want to go down the academic route, and they may want to find something they like doing that won’t burden you or them with student debt. Therefore, bonding is actually irreplaceable as it cannot be bought.

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Single mother going to the game

Football is quite easily the most popular sport in the world. Every year without slowing or faulting, hundreds of millions of fans go to watch their home teams playing the beautiful game. If you have sons or daughters, this is a great day out with a whole range of things to do. It isn’t just the match itself, and it’s the lead up to it that counts too. It starts the night before as the kids are full of anticipation. The drive there can be laden with songs and asking them things about their school life etc. it’s a perfect excuse to not spend a lot of money on food but get quite a good bang for buck treats of all kinds. If you look on TicketOffices, you can find especially cheaper tickets that have been cut down by 15% from the seller’s asking price. There are a whole range of events to choose from, from sport to music concerts with popular artists. If you snoop around, you’ll be able to find exclusive deals as well as discounts for shows and events that would otherwise be quite expensive.

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Teaching them to cook

One thing that parents in recent years have underestimated is the importance of teaching your children how to cook. This could be because the millennial generation is savvy with technology and there are so many online sources of educational cooking, which parents feel they’ll be okay in the end. However, think about what cooking is. It’s a two-fold necessity because one, cooking is a primal activity as it helps the tribe to bond and learn from each other, and two, it’s a necessity that sometimes cannot be learned just by watching a video of an expert doing it. Let your children choose what kind of cuisine they want to explore and every week cook something new together. Teach them the basics and pass down the recipes that you were taught by your parents. When you give them this life-tool, you’re helping them to be self-sustainable and self-reliant. It’s also fun for them because the pressure of doing it alone for the first time is taken away. Guiding them by the hand, you’re showing them that food is more than a takeaway.

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Reading them novels

Thanks to the advancement of technology, thousands of books can be stored in little eReaders like the Kindle. They’re essentially smaller versions of tablets that specialize in software that is focused on reading. Make it a routine to read to your children when they’re young. When we go to bed to go to sleep, our minds are the most active right at that point when our brain is trying to shut off. Getting to sleep can be a bit of a chore if you’ve had an energetic and exciting day which many children do. So, as a way to bond and calm down at the same time, reading novels to your children while sitting next to them in bed is great for strengthening your relationship. Allow them to pick their genre of choice and then sift through what they might find interesting. Many eReaders have great screen displays, so books with pictures are also available and not just in black and white either.

It’s not easy being a single parent whether you’re the father or mother. Children have so much going on in their life; it’s easier for you two to drift apart. However, if you take steps to get involved in their interests in sport you can find common ground. Teaching them how to cook meals that will come in handy to them when they’re away from home is something they’ll never forget and thank you for. Fanning the flames of their imagination by reading to them is subtle but incredibly effective of strengthening your bond together.


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  • Amandela

    Very well written and affectionately expressed. I agree with you in your advice to single parents and truly it is good for parents that are still together. Recognizing the need to invest and impress our babies hearts with love should be a priority. We should help them learn how to live a life of happiness and in peace. Lastly, as you mentioned teach them life skills that do not necessarily involve technology. I loved this post!

  • Jennifer

    I think these are great suggestions. Cooking is a life skill that I strongly believe in for many reasons, and you can make it fun, too. Reading, of course, is a life-changing skill and habit. I think reaching out with whatever your child is interested in (from sports, as you suggested, to art or hiking or anything) is excellent advice for any parent. Great thoughts. #wanderingwednesday #linkup

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