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Irish foodie treats

I am planning a trip to Ireland. It seems high time I visited my roots and perhaps catch up with family members too. Although I have never lived in Ireland, both birth parents come from that fine country. It’s important to show my children where their heritage lies in the land of mountains and sea. Whilst we are there, we will be holidaying of course and enjoy some Irish foodie treats.

Irish foodie treats to surprise you

Although traditional Irish food is divine, you can eat in a very cosmopolitan way in Ireland. Chefs from France, Italy and Asia have had their influence on the Irish eating scene as you will discover on squaremeal. You do need to decide what sort of Irish foodie treat budget you are working to in advance of your trip. If your funds are limited which they are for many of us with the cost of living crisis, adapt accordingly. We are hoping to visit Cork to indulge in some great seafood dishes. If this means we have to pay a little bit more, fair enough. Once we have had out major blow-out food wise we can call in local bars for the craic and to eat cheese and ham toasties. Simple, tasty and affordable pleasures.

Irish breakfast

I have to say the best cooked breakfast I have had was whilst travelling in Ireland. It was a delight to go with a friend via bus across many counties of Ireland when I was in my twenties. The beds in our accommodation were comfortable but the absolute delight was anticipating the breakfast on offer. A traditional Irish breakfast include tasty sausages, crispy bacon, eggs, vegetables and potato all fried in best butter. If you are a fan of white and black pudding like me, you will relish these breakfasts even more. The absolute best bit for me is how it is served with a generous helping of homemade Irish soda or brown bread. The great thing about the Irish breakfast is that it sets you up for the day ahead so you can skip lunch if you are busy sightseeing.

Irish stew

I think we don’t eat enough stews these days. My mum had them as a staple part of her weekly meal plan and often served them with superb dumplings. As I love lamb, Irish stew is the perfect comfort food particularly in the cooler months. Every restaurant or family will have their own recipe but most Irish stews include a very healthy helping of potatoes and vegetables with all the nutritional benefits they give. So on the days where we skip a full Irish breakfast, I hope we will call in a traditional pub to indulge in the Irish foodie treat of stew and perhaps sample the Guinness on offer too. That sounds a very fun and tasty was to celebrate our Irish family roots.

In Ireland you have wonderful starters and amazing desserts too. My daughter and son are keen to try traditional Irish apple tart. My taste buds are tingling now.

What Irish foodie treats would you recommend?

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