where to go for a gambling holiday
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Where to go for a gambling holiday

Can you remember how in lockdown we promised ourselves we would finally take that dream holiday once the restrictions ended? For some of us, that meant a trip to Las Vegas. It’s easy to think that is the only real option for a holiday involving the best casinos. With the cost of living crisis hitting hard, I thought I would let you know some alternatives on where to go for a gambling holiday.

Where to go for a gambling holiday

There are at least 9 wonderful alternatives to Las Vegas. You might be very surprised how close some of them are if you are short on time or money. Can I tempt you with a trip to Monte Carlo, Amsterdam or Macau? Although casinos are fun, it is worth considering what else you want from your break be that fine dining, good weather or exposure to a different culture.

Lower cost gambling breaks

One city that is well worth your consideration for an alternative to a Vegas gambling trip is London. You might already live there or be able to get there by car or public transport. That is bound to be way more affordable than the average cost of a return flight from London Heathrow to Las Vegas which comes in at a gob-smacking £1,756 per person. If you fancy overseas but want cheaper flights, Monte Carlo and Amsterdam are fabulous options. Don’t forget to look into accommodation costs too.

Where to go for a gambling holiday that has great weather

Most of us have weather preferences when we are spending our hard-earned cash on a holiday. Let’s face it if you love heat, Las Vegas seems hard to beat. However, if you want to escape the colder weather in the UK, you could head to Singapore, Macau or Puerto Rico for your fix of Roulette and Black Jack. All of these boast temperatures of around 30 degrees Centigrade.

Beer prices

These days having a pint in London is pricey at around £6 and Las Vegas alcohol prices will also hit your budget for your gambling break hard. Macau is the gambling destination to head for if you want low cost beer at around just £1.20 and Puerto Rico is more expensive but still way less than London and Vegas prices.

Deciding where to go

We are all individuals with different tastes. I could definitely fancy a gambling holiday. I have always quite liked the idea of becoming a croupier. I think Amsterdam appeals to me most as it has so much to offer as a travel destination.

Where would you choose for a gambling getaway?



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