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How to have a great day out in Oxford

I should confess straightaway that my heart belongs to Cambridge as I went to university there. However, later in life, I worked in the other famous university city of Oxford. The city is the beautiful jewel in the crown of a very glorious county with the  most gorgeous countryside and lovely market towns. If you find yourself in the city, here are some lovely ideas on how to have a great day out in Oxford. Once you have booked your hotel in Oxford you are in for such a treat.

The Ashmolean Museum

This place comes up time and time again when you mention Oxford to people. Admission is free but you do need to book in advance of your visit. Founded in 1683, this place is a treasure trove of art and archaeology. Their world famous collections range from Egyptian mummies to contemporary art, telling human stories across cultures and across time. If you are a culture vulture and have extra time, do check out the Pitt Rivers Museum which has wonderful anthropology collections.

The colleges

Oxford is most famous for its university which is based on a collegiate system. This means you can explore amazing educational buildings from different historical periods. Particular favourites include Christchurch, New College and Exeter College. I once went for an interview at Christchurch but did not get a job there. That doesn’t stop it being a beautiful college to visit.

Botanical Gardens

There is nothing quite like time enjoying the scientific wonder and beauty of plants. In Oxford you can indulge your interest in the first Botanical Garden established in the United Kingdom in 1621.

Oxford Castle and Prison

I think castles always capture the imagination for adults and children alike. So I would add Oxford Castle and Prison to your itinerary for your city break. I studied crime for 3 years at Cambridge University and my guilty pleasure is all things true crime. So I always love a visit to a prison from the past.

Eating out

When the restaurants reopen and we get back to dining out, don’t miss out on the Nosebag restaurant. It is an independently owned place with terrific food made from scratch  throughout the day. There are proper options for vegetarians and vegans and they cater for people with allergies and specific needs.

Obviously we are in the middle of a global pandemic so do check out the current Government restrictions before travelling or making your plans.

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