Here is Why You Should Take a Wellness Trip to Iceland

Are you thinking of going on a wellness trip? If yes, then you are probably wondering which country would be a perfect wellness trip destination. But have you thought about Iceland?

It isn’t a secret anymore – Iceland is one of the world’s hottest travel destinations, whether for honeymoons, baby showers or any other special occasion. You may be wondering, what is the deal with Iceland? The truth is, the country has a lot to offer. From breathtaking landscapes to friendly Icelanders, you are guaranteed an amazing travel experience in Iceland.

So, why is Iceland a perfect destination for your wellness trip? Here are a few very good reasons to keep in mind.

Geothermal Pools

Taking a dip in a geothermal pool is surely one of the ideal ways to restore the natural balance in your body. Iceland is known for many things but the thermal spas, such as the Blue Lagoon, are the country’s primary claim to fame. The natural thermal spa is filled with seawater, rich in silica and other minerals, that are really great for your skin. Take a look at the Blue Lagoon booking section to find the perfect accommodation plan for you, this way you can be close to the thermal spa throughout your entire trip.

Healthy Foods

A wellness travel is all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. What could be a better way to achieve your travel goals than eating healthy? From Íslensk súpa (Nordic soup) to Skyr, Icelandic food is second only to thermal spas in terms of fame. The best thing is any restaurant in Iceland would offer you a wide variety of Icelandic food and others from around the world.

Clean Air

Iceland is one of the cleanest countries in the world – and that translates to the air quality around the entire country. Icelanders breathe clean air, thanks to ample clean water, lots of protected nature areas and use of clean geothermal power. Breathing clean air for a week or two can help improve your skin appearance and heal your lungs, making Iceland a perfect wellness trip destination.


There is no doubt hiking is one of the best ways to tone your muscles – and trekking the Icelandic mystical landscapes is like nothing you will ever experience in any other part of the world. From Laugavegur trail to Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, Iceland has tons of amazing hiking spots and trails to enjoy beautiful scenery while engaging your body in physical exercise.

Swimming in the Sea

Swimming in one of the Icelandic beaches is one of the best ways to build your strength and tone your muscles while enjoying amazing landscapes all around you. From Nauthólsvík in Reykjavik to Reynisfjara Beach in the South Coast, Iceland has dozens of beaches where people can swim and enjoy a great time with their loved ones.


If you love biking, Iceland offers you some of the best trails to enjoy your hobby would keeping fit. Some of the most popular biking trails in Iceland include Búrfellsgjá and Helgafell. Biking several Kilometres is a sure way to admire the beautiful landscapes while excising your body.


Whether it’s pitching a tent or staying in a campervan overnight, camping can be the perfect activity to launch all other activities and simply leave all your cares at home. Iceland has so many camping sites with breathtaking views and various facilities. Choose the best camper for your wellness and self-care tour in Iceland.

Wellness travel offers you a healthy vacation away from the busy modern life of the city. It majorly focuses on both physical & mental health and spending time around people you love. Taking time from your busy life helps relieve pressure and stress as travelling has a calming effect. That’s why a wellness trip to Iceland is reliable way to relieve stress and anxiety, ensuring good mental health.

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