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Spruce Up Your Home Before Winter: A Guide

Before the worst of the winter hits, you must spruce up your home and your backyard, as you might not be able to complete some major home renovations in poor weather conditions. Therefore, here are some of the steps that you should take to ensure that your home is welcoming throughout the winter months and that it is ready for spring as soon as the snow melts once more.

·      Clean and Grout Your Outdoor Areas

Over the summer, you will likely have used the outdoor areas of your home more, and this can leave them looking a little worse for wear. To ensure that they are not unusable next spring, you should consider cleaning and regrouting all of your outdoor areas (such as your patio and decking) before the winter comes in earnest. To get the grouting equipment that you need to do this, you should head to Arbour Landscape Solutions, which offers a wide range of different professional-grade tools for use in your backyard.

·      Restore Your Fireplace

Once the cold weather arrives, you are likely to want to heat your home. However, you might have to turn to artificial heating if you cannot get your fireplace working. To avoid this, you should consider cleaning out any of the excess coal or ash that might have gathered in it, repainting the surfaces with non-flammable paint, and replacing the mantelpiece. If you are fed up with your wood-burning fire, you might consider installing a gas or electric option, as these are usually cleaner and are more eco-friendly.

·      Relay Your Floors

There is nothing worse than having to spend all winter inside looking at shabby flooring. If your floors have been worn out by a summer of running feet, you should consider relaying them. This will also ensure that you can replace your current flooring with an alternative that can withstand the pressures of the winter mud and grime. For instance, you might choose wooden or laminate options which are easy to clean, rather than carpeting.

·      Replace Your Lighting

Although you may not have needed much lighting throughout the summer, the nights are starting to draw in. Therefore, if your lights have started to dim, you should consider replacing your lights with brighter alternatives that can help to boost your mood and allow you to go about your life without being hindered by a lack of light. You might even consider adding mood lighting to your home to create the intimate effect that you might desire in winter.

·      Carry Out a Deep Clean Before Winter Arrives

You might associate deep cleans with the spring season, and yet it is just as important to clean your home before the approach of winter. If you don’t fancy doing it yourself, you could hire professional cleaning services to lend a hand. This will allow you to throw out or donate all of the clutter that you have accumulated over the summer and ensure that you can create a minimalist and stress-free home before all you want to do in your free time is snuggle up with a blanket and watch television.

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