Palmistry App Review

Palmistry App review – look into the future

I was introduced to a new app is called PalmistryHD and here is my Palmistry App review.

Palmistry App

How do you feel about palmistry and fortune-telling  in general? I have never ruled out that there may be something in such things. As I get older, I am convinced there is more to this life than most of us understand.

My late Mum often told the tale of visiting a fortune-teller in Whitby on a corner right by the sea. She told me the woman told her exactly how her mother would die and that she was right. She also told Mum she would die in a very similar way and was proved correct on that score too although obviously many years later.

I have had a palm reading which predicted my 3 children. I have always had an interest in astrology and might like to do a course on it at some point. I have consulted a psychic along with some other mums at a social event in Leeds a fair few years ago now. Again, there were things she could see or seemed to know that were scarily accurate including a baking history in my family and details of how my relationship with my husband operates. Intriguingly she also told me there was a grandmother (I have four just to confuse things!) who found me frustrating as the world is my oyster writing wise and she was prevented from pursuing her writing.

I am a cynic by nature but to be honest I am more minded to believe in this type of thing than some of the things we are expected to take on without question like things the Royal Family and politicians want us to swallow.

Palmistry App review

The app is easy enough to download to your smartphone even for someone who does not use apps regularly like myself. It asks for your name and date of birth. It took me a few seconds to work out how to move the birth date from where it landed immediately but that is just because I am a bit dim with technology.

You are asked to take a photograph of your palm and there is good guidance on where to place your hand  so that it is on a dark background and your palm fits inside the circle of a pre-set image of a hand. My photo worked first time and it is quite exciting to watch the circle showing your results being gathered. What could the future hold? At the very least it is a bit of fun.  The analysis can be used to reflect on key areas such a love, success, money and health which  most of us are looking into at this time of year anyway. In fact, these are the very issues we struggle with throughout our lives which is probably why they are incorporated in wedding vows.

I was amazed how spot-on my results were picking up on some ways of thinking I have which do not serve me well like my constant questioning and unpicking of the past and beating myself up too easily for decisions made.

A lack of security was mentioned and anyone who knows me will also know how insecure I am and how very much I would like to feel safer.

Apparently whether I am conscious of it or not I am looking for love. Now if anything was going to persuade me to get a fuller reading for £11.99 this could be the area of interest. We all want a little love in our lives!

The app also picked up that I can be extrovert and affable or introverted and reserved depending on the situation.

It also said I have a great deal of charisma – I will leave that for you to decide on!

You also have the opportunity to check daily horoscopes. I used to do this all the time in the past before parenting and work responsibilities meant such pleasures had to be curtailed a bit.

In conclusion, I enjoyed the app as a bit of fun and also the chance to reflect on my life and times. It helped me think about the things that serve me and the things that hold me back. That can’t be a bad thing at the start of a brand New Year.

I hope you enjoyed my Palmistry App review.







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