Best Women Hairstyles in 2021

Article By Frisuren Mittellange

There is no doubt in the fact that most women are quite fond of their hair. They play around with it and try to come up with different hairstyles that look good on them. Last year, there were many hairstyles for women that were trending on the internet, and surprisingly many of these hairstyles looked quite fabulous. That being said, five of the best hairstyles that are trending in 2021 have been listed below. Take a look.

1# Pixies: 

The pixies hairstyle has been trending among women for quite some time now. Even though many women in 2020 rocked the pixies cut, there has been a massive surge in this hairstyle ever since 2021 began. The pixies hairstyle consists of a boyish type cut, which still looks good on women. In the last few days, many Canadian women have been spotted with this super sleek cut. In fact, the famous singer Miley Cyrus is also well-known for her pixie cut.

2# The bob:

This hairstyle is pretty much similar to the side-swept bangs. The 2021 bob hairstyle consists of different layers of hair that have been cut very short. This hairstyle, however, is categorized into variations as well. For example, there is the sweet chocolate bob, the outstanding mid-length bob, the inverted choppy bob, and so on. The list goes on and on. Needless to say, any bobbed hairstyle can look equally good on a woman. It’s a diverse look that attracts a lot of eyes.

3#Side-swept bangs: 

The side-swept bangs are also very famous in 2021 among women who like to style their hair. Unlike the pixies, side-swept bangs consist of hair that is a bit longer. Side-swept bangs typically drop down to the shoulders, yet some women prefer to keep it shorter than that. In addition, this hairstyle goes great with blonde and brown color.

4# Smoked marshmallow: 

The smoked marshmallow is not exactly a hairstyle, rather it is based on the color shade of your hair. This hairstyle consists of a dark brown shade starting from the top that transitions into a lighter shade at the bottom. These transitioning shades look great with longer hair but can still go with short as well. So, give this hairstyle a go and see how it suits you!

5# The shag haircut: 

Introduced by the famous barber Paul McGregor, the shag haircut consists of layers of hair based on different lengths. This hairstyle might look a little shabby, but it is trending among many women. Moreover, one eventually gets used to it as it starts to look good after a while. Famous celebrities like Taylor Swift and Halle Berry have been seen with this hairstyle, and the ladies seem to love it.

6# Blunt lob cut

Short hairstyles are popular among Asian women. Out of all, blunt lob cut is trending in 2021. This hairstyle is the perfect blend of elegant yet functional looks that can be worn at work and parties well. The best thing about this hairstyle is it suits every kind of face structure. To make it even better, you can add pink color highlights if or any color that compliments your skin tone. 

7# Short Natural Curls 

Yesterday. Today and always. Natural curls consisting of tendril and diffused into springiness have always been trending. Especially this, looks perfect on black women. It’s easy to carry a hairstyle that doesn’t require any maintenance. 


We talked about five popular hairstyles that are trending this year. Some of these famous hairstyles include the bobbed cut, the shag haircut, the smoked marshmallow, and the pixies. Each of these hairstyles looks good in its own unique way. So, try them all out and see which one suits you best!





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