How To Enhance Your Porch

How to enhance your porch to give a great welcome

A porch is the perfect space to use a halfway point between people visiting and entering your home. From the moment you start to decorate your home, the main aim is always to have a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes people feel at home and comfortable, and this applies to the porch too. Many people overlook the porch and see it is a wasted space, but it actually has a huge impact on the overall image people have of your home. First impressions always count, and your porch is the first point people see before they enter your home properly, so it needs to be as inviting as possible! Here is a guide on how to enhance your porch.

Keep Things Fresh

The benefit to having a porch is that more often than not, you have a small space with large windows that enable plenty of natural light to filter through and brighten the area beautifully. You want your porch to be a space that feels fresh and bright, and your décor choices will help you with this. For those porches large enough, introducing a chic oak console table in the corner to position a fresh display of flowers will instantly add that crisp, clean feel you want to achieve. This is also a great way of utilising the space, giving you an area to keep post, place your dirty wellies underneath and so on.

Be Bright and Bold

If your porch is a space that has a nice balance of windows then you can guarantee you’re going to have a lovely flow of natural light passing through from morning to night, but the moment the sun goes down this area can become a little dark and daunting. Whilst the porch is still classed as your interiors, many people overlook this and forget to add sufficient lighting to keep the area lit through the evening time. By adding a stylish lamp to your porch, you can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your home, giving it the perfect entrance. The moment people look at your home they will see a delicate glow from the entrance area which will automatically make your home seem cosy and inviting. This is a great tip on how to enhance your porch.

Make it Practical

Having a porch is ideal for dedicating a space for keeping shoes, coats, umbrellas and other random items safe and neat, without having to bring them into the main part of your home. There’s nothing worse than someone walking through the house, over your lovely cream carpets with dirty boots on, and this is where the porch comes in very handy. To really utilise the space within your porch and make it as practical as possible, you want to include plenty of storage space, some durable hooks and even some drawers to keep items neatly stored away. This will really help to keep the rest of your home neat and tidy, whilst still having everything easily accessible.

Open it Up

Whilst the majority of people use their porch as an additional room within the home, there is also the option to open it up and create an outdoor space that’s unique to your property. To give yourself an open-style porch, you can create an enclosed space that has no door or windows but contains a couple of seats and a stylish plant to add to the character of the space. This is perfect for those who want to enhance their gardens overall look and introduce a unique touch of landscaping to their home.

Do you have any tips on how to enhance your porch to share with my readers?

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