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Ways to Motivate Yourself to Write Essays in School

Do you find it hard to settle down to a task that you may find a little boring?  I know I can get really down in the dumps if I know I am avoiding an important task. It’s much better to take action and once you take a baby step things get so much better. In an educational environment, you may be looking for ways to motivate yourself to write essays in school or college. There are essay writing services out there but here are my own tips for getting that writing done.

Ways to motivate yourself to write essays

How will you feel once you have written and submitted your essay? You might get great feedback from your teacher that will enhance your self-esteem. You may learn where there are gaps in your knowledge where you need to do further research. Once that essay is done, you can focus on things you enjoy doing such as time with friends or pursuing your hobbies. Also remember that your studies are ideally moving you forwards towards your dream job.

Build in rewards

I find that when I am writing or pressed with a task I do not enjoy, building in rewards for myself helps to motivate me. That might be something as simple as a cup of coffee for every so many words written. I might build in a bigger reward once that task is done such as a day out at the beach or a theatre trip. Obviously, you know the rewards that would appeal to you as the individual you are.

A pleasant space to work

Again, this will vary according to the individual. Some people like to have colours around them or a nice view. Others like plants or family photos. Make sure you have a dedicated writing space where you feel comfortable. This means you will enjoy being in that area and the words will just flow for you.

Writing times

I have certain times of the day when I work best. It is best to harness those times when you are efficient and in the mood. Obviously don’t put off your essay writing for ever but it is OK to structure your day to build up a time when you won’t mind getting on the job in hand so much.

Do you have any motivational tips for writing?

Ways To Motivate Yourself To Write Essays




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