Exotic Family Getaway Destinations With Nonstop Flights

Traveling with your family doesn’t have to be a pre-planned affair all the time. Sometimes, you wish for an instant getaway to get off the heat or simply enjoy some time with your family.

And don’t forget, unplanned trips have their own charm.

Nonetheless, when you decide to go on an unplanned family getaway, you’d probably wish for a location that’s not too far away. Yet, it serves the purpose.

Worry not.

Here are some exotic family getaway destinations with nonstop flights from major cities in the US.

Lovely Island of Bermuda

Just 90-minutes from New York City, this lovely island of Bermuda is famous for its pink sand beaches and many golf courses.

The end-to-end Bermuda Railway Trail is a favorite amongst kids and adults alike. You can enjoy biking along the trail, or you can explore the Crystal Caves if you’re into some thrilling adventures.

Desert-Like Island of Bonaire

There’s a lot to enjoy on this Caribbean island with your family. For instance, you can go scuba diving and explore coral reefs.

Unlike most Caribbean islands, Bonaire is not covered in dense rainforests and pine plantations. Instead, the island is entirely opposite of what you’d expect from an island in the Caribbean.

You can board nonstop flights from Atlanta, Houston, Miami, and New Jersey.

Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe

Board nonstop flights from Fort Lauderdale, New York, and Miami to this unique Caribbean island. You can also Book parking at the Fairfield Inn FLL Airport, which is an added benefit for your last-minute travel plans.

Nonetheless, this tiny island would give you all the vibes for French colonies. So although you’ll be close to Miami, you’ll technically be in France and find all the essence of French culture here.

You can take your kids to the beautiful beaches or take them for a trip to the local fish market. Note that the island is famous for its coconut ice cream. So, that’s definitely an added treat for your kids.

Remote Islands of Azores

Though this North Atlantic Island belongs to Portugal, it seems more like a mix of New Zealand and Hawaii.

Board a nonstop flight from Boston and New York to enjoy your time with family on this exotic, remote island.

Activities like hiking and whale-spotting are some of the popular attractions for families here. And not to mention the chilling ocean waters that make it no less than arctic paradise.

Honeymooners Paradise – Tahiti

If you’re seeking an escape to reenjoy your honeymoon, there’s probably no better place than Tahiti.

Overnight flights from LA take roughly 8 hours to reach this one of the priciest honeymoon destinations.

This tropical paradise offers plenty of scenic beauty for families and couples. You can even spot rays and other colorful fishes in the crystal clear oceanic waters.

Whether you’re planning a short weekend trip or a week-long stay, there are plenty of options around you. All you need is to look in the right place.

The above-mentioned exotic getaways for families are no less than last-minute adventures. And not to forget, there are plenty of attractions including fun and adventurous activities for all ages.






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