5 Tips to Keep Children Active and Healthy on Vacation

Kids have plenty of time to play and relax during vacation. They have free from quizzes and homework. Regardless, it can be such a hassle keeping your kids both active and healthy during the holidays.

It could be that your busy work schedule keeps you occupied or your child has an intense fascination with watching TV all day, there can be so many excuses as to why your kids aren’t active all vacation long.

Here are five tips to keep kids healthy and active on vacation:

1. Limit Their Screen Time

Vacation is your kid’s time to be free from the everyday school routine of classes, tests, and projects. However, if you let them do just about anything they want, they won’t get much from the vacation, so you need some rules for them to follow.

Limiting the amount of time they spend in front of the TV, tablet, computer, and other electronics should be one of these rules. It is unhealthy to let your kids spend their entire vacation glued to their screens.

It is okay to allow sometime to watch their favorite kid shows and play their favorite games, but too much screen time could have adverse effects on their health.

According to the National Institute of Health, some of these effects include a high risk of obesity and attention problems. It can also cause trouble sleeping.

During the vacation, plan screen-related activities ahead of your vacation and avoid leaving the TV on for background noise. If your child loves video games, provide him with other exciting options like board games, brainteasers, or card games.

2. Stick to Sleep Schedules

Everything is so much easier when children are well-rested. Stick to their bedtimes and nap schedules, especially for kids less than six years.

You can try and be a bit flexible with their wake-up times, and maybe on days, you have long trips, schedule how they can sleep as late as they want. However, make sure that their latest nights are not followed by early mornings.

3. Have Plans

No matter how old your kids are, they need help when it comes to thinking of activities that will keep them active and healthy during the vacation.

If you leave it up to the kids, they might as well opt to eat junk and play video games all vacation long. Set some healthy activities to keep them busy and distracted from unhealthy things.

You can try encouraging them to try some creative crafts such as painting tiles, tie-dying t-shirts, or making bracelets. Find some healthy and easy recipes for them to help you cook for dinner or lunch.

Visit the nature reserve, go on hikes or walk, or visit the local park. Carry a book they can use to identify the plants and animals with.

Let them help you in the garden, and you can plan their weekly cleaning duties to coincide with your chores.

4. Make Healthy Food and Snack Choices

It can be tempting to eat out while on vacation. It is crucial to keep them on healthy foods and snacks plan.  A belly full of junk food is the quickest route to stomachaches.

Pack refillable water bottles and keep your kids hydrated. Pack healthy snacks when traveling with your kids, such as yogurt, low-sugar protein bars, and fruits.

5. Encourage Socialization

On vacations, kids don’t get to spend as much time with other kids as they do in school. Encourage your kids to keep in touch with their school friends while on vacation.

If your kid is still very young, set up playdates for him with other children in the neighborhood. Get them outside playing in the yard or on bikes.


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