Busy Parents- How To Keep Your Love Life Alive & Kicking

When a couple first comes together, sparks fly, and there’s hardly a time when they don’t want to end up in bed. But things change down the years, even more, when you have a couple of kids to look after. Your love life takes a backseat between pregnancies, dirty diapers, tantrums, and teen woes. Work stress and housework widen the rift further. Before you know it, you end up missing out on the attraction that brought you together. But busy parents can keep their love life alive and kicking with some simple ideas. Here are the ones you can try.

Find alone time

Time is a luxury when you have to juggle housework, office, and parenting simultaneously. It is easy to forget that you are married and in love. But make sure you find quality time with your partner every day. It could be your morning exercise session, a late-night movie, or a weekend drive. A little goes a long way, so don’t count the hours and simply focus on enjoying each other’s company.

Plan date nights every weekend

You can be busy parents and professionals throughout the week, but be a loving partner on the weekends. Plan a date night every Saturday to relive the memories of the best years. It wouldn’t be a problem if kids are grown up because they will be happy to give you space. Those with younger ones can drop them off to grandparents’ place for a sleepover. You may even plan a late-night date at home once they are off to bed.

Surprise them with a kinky gift

Nothing makes your partner happier than a gift, and a kinky one will get them excited. Pick sexy lingerie for her because it is as much a gift for both of you. Sex toys make a good option, so buy a whizzinator to experiment with something wet and wild. Don’t wait for an occasion to surprise them. Do it when you want to because the experience thereafter will make it a worthy investment.

Get wild in the bedroom

Keeping your love life alive and kicking is much about how you are in bed together. Lovemaking every night is out of the question for busy mommies and daddies, but don’t forget to spice up the date nights with an extended session. Try being wild and different to keep each other interested. For the rest of the week, just be intimate and make love when you have energy.

Have fun together everywhere

While nothing matches the excitement in the bedroom, you should also have fun together everywhere else. Watch a movie you love, cook together, or join a dance class for couples. You will feel the heat coming back. Smart parents find chances to keep the intimacy going even when kids are around. Just steal a sneaky kiss or indulge in a naughty touch when they aren’t noticing.

Another handy piece of advice is to invest in self-care, which most parents forget to do when they are loaded with work. Just a little focus on looking good is enough to keep your love life in action.


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