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Choosing kitchen worktops for your home

In the last few years, it feels like I have changed home far too many times. Job losses and relocations to find work or a better lifestyle were necessary but ultimately exhausting. When looking for places to rent, it is always the kitchen that matters most to me. I am very much a kitchen is the heart of the home type of woman. I like to see it as a place to make memories preferably surrounded by family and great food.

Do you get excited when seeing or planning a new kitchen? In this post, I am going to talk about choosing kitchen worktops for your home.

Choosing kitchen worktops for your home

When selecting kitchen worktops for your house, you need to narrow down what you want from a vast array of choices. Will the worktop you have in mind fit in with your appliances and kitchen cabinets? Do you have a favourite colour?

Kitchen worktop choices

There are many choices out there for kitchen worktops nowadays. Will you go for a farmhouse kitchen look or something more industrial?  Granite worktops are a popular option. I like wooden worktops as they are strong and hard-wearing. Oak is a lovely traditional choice or you might be tempted by walnut.

Practical choices for kitchen worktops for your home

I would definitely put dirty kitchen worktops in my Room 101. When they are clean, my mind is happier. It’s tough sometimes to stay on top of housework as a busy mum juggling work, volunteering and parenting. Black tends to look more clean and laminate is easy to keep tidy. These days now I have a little more time on my hands I might go for something a little wilder with a vibrant colour.

Different choices for kitchen worktops for your home

If you are looking for real strength, check out stone. Quartz worktops also are strong and come in some quite striking designs. t’s really about working out what matters most to you whether that is something that you can afford easily, clean quickly or something that will stand the test of time.

What factors do you bear in mind when choosing kitchen worktops for your home?

I would love to hear about your kitchen choices.

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