5 Ways to make your family happy

We’ve had a challenging year or more with the pandemic that most of us didn’t see coming. The Coronavirus was scary enough but we’ve also had to contend with all the curveballs life throws our way in more normal times. Our family have experienced a job loss, a relocation, an illness. a bereavement and a relationship breakdown. Your family will have had their own unique challenges. We’ve learned how vital it is to create lovely memories so today I am sharing 5 ways to make your family happy.


Choose a present that is just right for your loved one. I find the best way to do this is to listen carefully throughout the year. In this way, you find out the particular passions of your family and can choose a gift to match. I am going shopping for Tee Rex Tee anime t-shirts for the kids and something wine-related for my brother.

A welcoming home

Our surroundings have a huge affect on our mood. I like to be surrounded by vibrant colours loving throws and cushions. It’s always good to have furniture that can display your cherished possessions and family photographs such as a stylish console table in your lounge. Don’t forget that charity shops mean dressing your home doesn’t have to make too big of dent in your bank balance. You can also check out Facebook Marketplace and Freecycle.

Days out

With pandemic restrictions easing, it’s time to explore our lovely country. We have beautiful countryside and stunning coastlines waiting to be explored. Days out mean we get a healthy dose of Vitamin D which boosts our family’s mood and there is no better way to create magical family memories. I love going to the North Yorkshire Moors and the Northumbrian Coast in particular as they bring back warm memories of my late parents.

Fixing our unique issues

Most of us are held back by something that we have never really tackled. I lack self-belief and see this in my daughter too. It doesn’t have to be that way and you can learn more about changing your mindset positively. Take that step and new doors and opportunities will come your way. Fixing your confidence levels might mean you travel solo, take up a new career or find it easier to make friends. These are the very type of things that help make people happy.

Cooking up a storm

Different cultures all recognise the power of bringing families together for special meals. You can shared cherished memories of your childhood with your kids using retro recipes. My teenagers are also teaching me about new options for family meals of the vegan variety. All of us love to bake together and again this reminds me of my late mum. When you cook together you are also teaching your children valuable life skills that will serve them well as they become more independent.

I hope you implement one or more of these tips.

What ways do you help your family to stay upbeat?



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