Where to buy steel shims?

Do you want to install a new window and need some shims to level it out? Are looking for spare steel shims to have at hand for when you need them? There are plenty of shops both online that sell shims for sale but that poses a bigger issue than it should – with so much competition and so much variety, it can be difficult to choose where to buy your steel shims from.

Where to buy steel shims online?

I’d recommend purchasing steel shims at Speedy Fixings. They are a local UK business that manufactures and supplies hardware, fastenings and other products to the construction industry, civil engineering and similar industries. Life with Baby Kicks also adds, “Speedy Fixings, UK fastenings and fixings supplier, also stock the tools you’ll require to make any home repairs and renovations, so no more asking your neighbour for their spare screwdriver, it’s time to get your own.”

As Speedy Fixings Evening Standard listing states, they have been in the business since 1999. So, they have the expertise and experience to offer any advice if you so require.

Wide range of shims.

From steel square shims to plastic hi-load shims, Speedy Fixings has a large variety of shims for different applications. Square shims, horseshoe shims, rectangular shims and hi-load shims are their basic range of shims, which then varies in size, material and finish.

Custom made shims.

Besides Speedy Fixings’ standard range of products, they can also manufacture bespoke products to meet your requirements. This includes custom made shims. Bespoke shims can vary in material, design and size. Custom shims can include plain rectangular stainless steel shims, two hole plate mild steel shims, square four hole plate galvanized steel shims and more.

Speedy Fixings reviews.

Don’t just take it from me! Speedy Fixings has 4.9 starts rating on Google with plenty of happy customers praising their customer service, speedy delivery and high-quality products. Just have a look and see for yourself.



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