How to wear cufflinks and studs

For men, cufflinks are a go to fashion accessory … besides a lovely timepiece ofc. With lots of events and weddings to attend there is no better time to get acquainted with how to wear cufflinks and studs to make yourself look as smart and professional as can be.

The History of Cufflinks

Cufflinks first appeared in the 1600s whereby men wanted to create something much more elegant for their shirts than ribbons to hold together their cuff. Men slowly began to use small chains fastened together in order to keep their cuffs together. As time pressed on the cufflink has become much more of a fashion accessory than initially intended. With the industrial revolution a greater number of cufflinks were beginning to be manufactured from a range of different materials. During the 19th century cufflinks became the must have accessory for businessman and have carried on until today, whereby there are a diverse range of cufflinks available to suit any situation.

Different types of cufflinks and studs

Chain link antique cufflinks have two decorative faces which are usually identical and have a looser fitting than other types of cufflinks on the market. They are connected with a short length chain and are seen as the most traditional style of cufflink.

Bullet back cufflinks are another popular type of cufflink, this is because of their ease of use. Bullet back cufflinks are hollow and have a small bar or tube of metal that sits inside the frame which can rotate 90 degrees to lock in place. Bullet back cufflinks usually only have one decorative face due to the fact once there locked the only one side is on show.

Ball return cufflinks provide a much looser fit compared to other types of cufflinks, this is due to the cufflinks having an arched post with a small, heavy ball of metal on the end and a decorate face on the other side.

Stud or button cufflinks have no moving parts and no mechanism. Instead of the traditional cufflinks the stud works by tilting the smaller head and working it through the button holes. Once they are in, the cufflinks are secure and as the cufflinks have no moving parts, stud cufflinks will stand the test of time better.

Best occasions for wearing a cufflinks and studs

Although cufflinks are typically worn for formal occasions such as business meetings and black-tie events, stud cufflinks are much more casual and have a great use creating that ‘smart casual’ theme set for many dinning parties and alfresco dining situations with friends and family. Cufflinks and studs are the ultimate way to make your personality stand out and show off your personal taste when it comes to fashion. You can just imagine the sun shining, shorts on with a nice light-coloured shirt with some silver stud cufflinks, just to add that extra piece to the puzzle.

Casual approach to wearing cufflinks and studs

For the everyday and casual use of the cufflinks I suggest a plain style of cufflink, something very monochrome, as they won’t clash with your fashion choices and are easy to get along with. When it comes to slightly more bright, colourful and extravagant pieces it takes time to prepare an outfit, trying to co-ordinate your outfit every day may be a little too much for all of us. Onyx, enamel and stones such as pearl and turquoise all make good choices for everyday cufflinks. These stones are also much more durable and long lasting compared to gemstones.

Wearing cufflinks has been popular for centuries and will continue forever longer. If you are attending an event or just need some inspiration you have come to the right place.

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