Mommies- Prepare Yourself  for At-Home Emergencies with First-Aid Essentials

Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime-from a broken bone to a simple scraped knee. But, preparation is the key to dealing with such injuries. Just add a few of these items into your arsenal. And, here’s where a well-stocked first-aid kit comes to rescue you.

Now that you’re a mommy of young children, your kids are sure to get hurt. Thus, store your kits in a place where they’re easily accessible to young children. Also, ensure enlightening your kids about their purpose.

If you’re a creative mother and wish to assemble your first-aid kit, here are some things your first-aid kid can, or let’s say, should include:

  • First Aid Handbook:

The items in your first aid kit will be of no use to other people in the house if they don’t know how to use them. Thereby, put the purpose of all the medications in a manual so that your house members can handle emergencies independently.

  • At Least Two Pairs of Sterile Gloves:

Gloves are one of the essential items that offer protection to both the rescuer and the victim. These come in handy, especially when you’re treating open wounds. Thus, they’ll provide a germ-free barrier between the two things- your hands and open wounds.

Make sure you use non-latex gloves if you or your family members suffer from latex allergies.

  • Sanitizing Agent

Disinfecting the wounds is much more important than actually dressing them. And, that’s the reason to use antibiotic towelettes or an antiseptic like hydrogen peroxide. Use solutions like these to clean and disinfect the wound.

  • Antibiotic Ointment

Now that you’ve cleaned your wound with an ointment, ensure using a cream on a scrape or cut. It is because it helps in defending the wound against infection. Doctors consider an ointment a must-have. With a manuka honey ointment, you can attain relief, heal minor wounds and provide long-lasting protection against infections. Mommies recommend adding ointments to their first-aid kit to speed up the healing process and lessen the scarring process. It’s their personal favorite, after all!

  • Adhesive Gauze and Tape:

The exquisite combination of tape and gauze works wonders in stopping bleeding. All you need to do is apply sterile gauze to a bleeding wound with firm and gentle pressure. Once the bleeding stops, use tape to hold the gauze well in place.

  • Adhesive Bandages:

Scrapes and cuts come in all sizes and shapes. Thereby, always keep your first-aid box stocked with adhesive bandages. Use these bandages for protecting wounds from getting irritated and dirty.

  • Tweezers and Scissors:

Scissors that have rounded edges work in protecting the victim from further injury. You can also employ these shears for cutting the tape, gauze, or even remove clothing whenever necessary.

Use tweezers for detailed work like removing debris, fragments, and dirt. But, be aware to never use these for removing an insect stinger as it could squeeze venom into your skin. You can also brush the injured area using the edge of a credit card.

The Bottom Line- Empower Yourself to Save Lives

Elastic wraps, triangular bandages, cold packs, and prescription medications are a few other things you must add to your first-aid kit. Check your first-aid kit regularly to be sure that supplies haven’t expired or used up.

These first-aid essentials will help you deal with age-appropriate medical emergencies. Enlighten them with the process of cleaning and dressing an emergency wound. You can also let them join classes to learn practical first-aid techniques.

After all, it’s about lending a hand of care!








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