A Guide To Switching Jobs

A Guide to Switching Jobs Successfully

A change in your occupation could be just as refreshing for you as staying in your current job — well, a change is as good as a rest, they say. Quitting your job and seeking pastures new is not a bad thing, either, and there’ll come a time when it is needed. So, when this time comes knocking, don’t be afraid to answer the call. Just make sure that you check out this guide to switching jobs below because there is a right way to do it.

Begin your job hunt whilst you’re still on the payroll – a guide to switching jobs

Finding a job is much easier when you’re already in one, and there’s nothing wrong with starting your job hunt at that time either. Doing so will give you the freedom to be picky with your next role, and that is vital when finding the perfect one.

When you do seek to job hunt whilst still in a job, however, you have to be discrete. You don’t want your boss finding out you’re seeking pastures new, as them doing so might result in them treating your differently. So, don’t post your resume online or on job board, and don’t use your work phone as your job-hunting tool.

Writing a formal letter of resignation

When you give your boss the news that you’re leaving, you’re going to need to put it down on paper in the form of a letter of resignation.

The letter should detail all the information surrounding your impending exit and should stipulate your offering of a mandatory amount of notice. Most importantly, however, it should include a hearty thanks to your employer for the opportunities they have provided you, and it should mention how grateful you are for all you’ve learned with the company. Doing so will help you make a graceful exit.

Seek a settlement agreement to make a smooth transition

Depending on how long you’ve been with your current company, what kind of role you had in it, why you are leaving, and the way you are leaving, there will be a settlement agreement that needs to be reached. But what is a settlement agreement, and how can they help your transition from one job to the next be as smooth as it can be? A settlement is an arrangement between employees and employers that proves everything is legal in regard to the former leaving and is something that needs to be agreed upon if you want a letter of reference.

Settling into your new job

Being the ‘newbie’ is never easy, it’s never comfortable, and there will be times when you clamber for the security your old job gave you. If you yield to that need and you leave your new job, however, then you’ll never take any steps forward in your career.

If you are planning on changing job, you need to immerse yourself in the company culture and build relationships whenever you can, as soon as you can.

Switching jobs is something that you’re likely to do at some point in your life, and it’s important that you do it in the right way. Following the advice above will help you do just that.

What would you put in a guide to switching jobs?

A Guide To Switching Jobs

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