Good Reasons For Mums To Become Self-employed

Good reasons for mums to become self-employed

There are some very powerful reasons for mums to become self-employed, and perhaps with help from someone like Boost Capital, who offer several funding options such as a merchant cash advance, mums can do just that

Many of us have the experience of not really wanting to go back to work away from our babies and toddlers. It can be heart-wrenching when grandparents or childcare providers are the ones who see their special milestones and report them to us. We feel we have missed out. I remember almost bursting into tears when my babysitter gave me my son’s first drawing. When you are self-employed, you can work the hours you see fit often with shorter and more intensive bursts of work.

Even if we are happy to go back to work, childcare can be a really expensive item of expenditure. I was fortunate that my parents moved house to be able to offer me help with my first son allowing me to return to work. Not everyone has that support network to hand. Of course, things change and when my parents had to care for a sick relative, my childcare arrangements had to change very quickly.

So many jobs don’t seem to offer the flexibility mums need with hours that take no consideration of the school or nursery hours. Home-based working is still not offered much even though so many roles could be done from home. Part-time hours that suit us can be hard to find.

There is immense pressure on mums when their child is ill or when their presence at sports day or the Christmas Play is so much wanted. Such emotional pressure does nothing for a worker’s morale.

Many mums are also facing long, expensive and exhausting commutes to their place of work.

There is another way via self-employment and there are millions of mums in the UK taking up this option. Although this option can be seen as ambitious and risky, it is also exciting and puts you in charge of your own destiny.

The Internet is your friend as you can communicate with customers via email, Skype, smartphones and social media

Self-employment offers the option of doing something you love and have always dreamed about doing. For example, so many bloggers who started blogging as an outlet during the early days of parenting now are making money as freelance writers or virtual assistants.

Self-employment offers mums freedom, flexibility and a chance to express who they really are making the most of their individual skills and qualities.

Are you self-employed? What do you enjoy most about that status?

Can you think of good reasons for mums to become self-employed?

Good Reasons For Mums To Become Self-Employed

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  • Debbie

    Hi Kate, we had a bar for nine years, which although we did okay from and could manage family life when the children were small, it was still a relief when we sold it. Working for other people does has it’s pro’s and cons, but so does being self-employed.

    Popped over from #PoCoLo.

  • Tracy Albiero

    I would love to be. I am thankful to teach at the same school as my daughter so we are on the same schedule. However when she is ill I take time off and that is hard. #pocolo

  • Mummyhereandthere

    I can see the attractiveness on self employed especially I’d you ha w a family there is the flexibility of working round a schedule that suits you and your family X #pocolo

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