5 Awesome things about Orlando

As a child I always dreamed of visiting Disneyland. At that time, it was a luxury destination for families with more money than mine. Working in charities and not making huge amounts of cash I didn’t rate my chances of taking my kids to Orlando either. By a wonderful bit of luck, I was invited on a VIP press trip with my son. We had the most amazing time. In this post I am sharing 5 awesome things about Orlando.

Accommodation in Orlando

There is a huge choice when it comes to place to stay in Orlando with its 450 hotels and resorts. You can choose an affordable rental home or an hotel with a swimming pool to cool off in. We stayed at one with its own water park and shopping mall. Currently, I am very tempted by Orlando Resorts Rental vista cay resort with its full-sized apartments and deluxe amenities.

Dining in Orlando

The great news is that whatever your budget or dietary requirements you can find wonderful places to eat and drink in Orlando. The hotels serve wonderful food as do the many theme parks. You could even try a personal chef if you want to push the boat out. I would urge you to try the celebrity chef-driven restaurants and gourmet food trucks. Other options include nightclubs and sports-themed bars. Although it is true that portion sizes can be epic, there are ways to eat more healthily too.

Travelling around Orlando

You have some great choices when it comes to travelling around Orlando. Public transport is good and cabs are readily available. Many tourists choose the rental car option. I think it is best to check out maps before you even reach Orlando as this gives you an idea of driving distances which helps you to plan trips to beaches and attractions along the coast of Florida. I can visualize myself in a rental car with a custom carbon fiber steering wheel heading to the ocean.

Shopping in Orlando

I was surprised when my travel companions had empty suitcases with them on our flight out to Orlando. They knew that Orlando is heaven for shoppers. Within 15 miles of the major theme parks, you will find so many retail outlets from malls with luxury brands to factory outlets. I am not the biggest fan of shopping usually but the shopping experience like many of the theme parks is really out of this world in Orlando. I bet you will buy a suitcase for extra goodies whatever your intentions when you set off.


After 3 days of theme parks, I enjoyed having a little break and visiting Gatorland on our trip. My son took a zip wire over the alligators whilst I wandered around the natural setting. I realise now I only scratched the surface of eco-tourism. There are a vast array of delights from natural springs to nature trails. I fancy fishing and my youngest lad hopes to go kayaking. Theme parks are wonderful but I love that you can escape from the buzz of them to take advantage of more natural joys.

What do you consider to the the most awesome appeal about Orlando?








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