5 Tips For Stylish Looking and Comfortable Sandals

Without a doubt, you will feel great about your Strive footwear when you find the perfect pair. You can expect to enjoy wearing them if they look right, fit right and come in the right style.

Other great benefits that Strive sandals offer include enhanced energy and the elimination of foot fatigue. This guide provides you with general pointers to help you get flats that are not only comfortable but also stylish.

Capri sandals offers blissful comfort with exceptional style and support.

Choose Colour.

Everyone agrees that you feel more comfortable when wearing flat shoes than you feel when wearing heels. However, you look cool in bold colours irrespective of the style you’re wearing. There is fun in colours. It helps you make a statement and grab people’s attention. It also helps to balance things out. A pair of jeans or a summer dress goes perfectly with a simple pair of Strive sandals.

Opt for Metallics.

Metallic shoes are some of the most glamorous pairs you can own right now. They are just right for the summer, a time when a supportive pair of sandals comes in handy. Any design that has a little bling is pretty much easy to pull off. So, put aside flip flops (the most inappropriate footwear for a dodgy hip and a collapsed arch) and rock the Strive sandals which will provide you with enough comfort all the days of the summer.

Size Up

Trying a bigger size than your normal fit is worth considering. Sometimes, you can get the flexibility that is similar to your insoles just by sizing up (especially when you can work with half sizes).

Look For Wide Fittings

Wider fittings are more easily available. Hence, your orthotics can fit easily into the shoes, or – if you’re wearing sandals to take a few hours break from the insoles – you will get higher overall comfort from wider shoes, and your feet will not feel pinched.

Look Out For The Latest Trends

When you wear a very basic and simple outfit, you can add a little more young and hip vibe to it by going for trendier shoes. On the other hand, when wearing an already hip outfit, you can go for shoes that are simple and elegant to tone down the look (remember that balance is the goal).


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