7 Tips to Ensure Your Child’s Safety


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There are many cases of kids being killed, kidnapped, or harmed across the world today. Some individuals in society are also capable of hurting innocent kids. Sometimes, criminals select their targets randomly since some of their victims happen on their way.

It is common for children to loiter in empty parking slots or walk alone. Regardless of your perception, children’s safety is a real issue. However, as a mother or a parent, there are several things you can do to enhance your kid’s safety in and out of school or home.

The following are some tips you may apply.

Ensure they Memorize Essential Addresses and Numbers

This is very crucial, especially for preschoolers. Sometimes, as a mother, you may be occupied by busy schedules like when undertaking a doctorate degree in physical therapy. Hence you may not always pick them from school.

Therefore, you should ensure that your kids memorize your number or any other possible home address. This makes it easier for police or other relevant authorities to track them if they get lost.

Teach Them to Avoid Strangers

It would help if you taught your kids that ‘’strangers’’ are people who are not related to them. Inform them that you, their dad, or any other approved family friend or member are the only people they should go out with.

Make the Kid Understand that they can Use their School as their Asylum

Although you may opt for your kid to be riding on their school bus, it is essential to teach them to always remain in their school as they wait for you if you usually pick them.

Teach them to be Mindful About their Environment 

If your kids walk from their school on their own, inform them to be mindful about their environment as they walk. For instance, they may observe parked cars or look after one another.

Teach them Self-Defence Techniques

You can also consider taking your kid for karate classes. Though they do not need to learn complex skills, they may acquire practical skills to defend themselves against criminals. For instance, you can instruct them to gouge or scratch the individual’s eyes who grabs them to create an opportunity to escape.

Monitor their Internet Activities

Criminals involved in activities like sex trafficking uses the internet to hunt their victims. It is crucial to take time and monitor your kid’s internet activities. It would help if you discouraged them from giving out private information like cell phone numbers and home addresses to anybody.

If the kid possesses a Facebook account, turn their profile into private to prevent anybody from accessing it.

Inform them to tell their Teacher if they find Anything Strange 

Sometimes, schools are also vulnerable to criminals. Therefore, you should instruct your kid to inform their teachers when they find anything suspicious.


It is crucial to note that these tips’ aim is not to turn kids into paranoid persons. The only objective is to emphasize the importance of self-preservation. It would help if you focused on making them realize that they also need to take care of themselves since you may not always be available with them.


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